Macaca Returns

Redemption?  Rehabilitation? Atonement?  Acceptance?  Nah.  Former Virginia Governor and senator George Allen is now making a pitch to return to elective office.  What he won’t do to get back into the electorate’s good graces is appalling, but totally expected.  Read this article; it explains everything:

If you remember a number of years back in 2006, Allen was running for reelection to the Senate against Jim Webb.  Allen lashed out at a Webb campaign volunteer, a 20-year-old, dark-skinned, all-American kid by calling him “Macaca”.  End of the road for Allen in that campaign.  Furthermore, despite the GOP’s view that Allen was their “Golden Boy”, it was the end of the road for Allen’s presidential aspirations.  During the brouhaha, it became public knowledge that Allen’s family had Jewish roots going back to North Africa (Thus, the origination of the slur Macaca) and the Sephardic sect of the Jewish religion.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone: not only did Allen exhibit his racism, but also he discovered that his ancestry included him in a minority group.  His family knew well their Jewish roots but decided, in all of their prejudice, to cover it up.  Heavens to Betsy.  Talk about a double whammy.

At any rate, Allen is now trying to make a political comeback, and plans to run against Webb in the 2012 senate election.  This past week, Allen showed up at a retreat, his attendance was at his request, of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Reston.  The Lubavitchers are a very conservative arm of Judaism with the mission to get non-practicing Jews involved in orthodox Judaism.  Their recruiting prowess is well-known; their of acceptance of Allen is no less offensive than Allen’s attempts to use these Jews to power up his campaign.

Pray tell, even if Allen sincerely wanted to embrace his Jewish heritage, why would he begin his rehabilitation by going to one of the strictest sects?  Redemption?  Atonement?  My toches.  In fact, this kind of showmanship is so empty of any motivation except to garner votes, that one might say that Allen is a “toches -lecker”, an ass-kisser.

And shame on the Lubavitchers for accepting Allen into their fold.  Their intentions are equally odious, their motives just as displaced as those of Allen.  Allen was no more sincere in his efforts to embrace Judaism as the Lubavitchers were in welcoming him into their ranks.  They deserve each other.  Mutual moral masturbation.  A match made in Heaven: zealots and hypocrites alike.

Yet, Allen will probably make a decent showing in the next senate election here in Virginia.  People’s memories are short.  However, as in the case of Sarah Palin, Dr. Laura, Senator Larry Craig, John Edwards —- need I go on?—- you know the drill —- we need to just allow Allen to keep on speaking.  As with all hypocrites, he will eventually shoot himself in the foot.

Will Macaca return?  Only your vote and the resulting election returns will determine that.  As a reminder:


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