Another Boehner Boner: Desperate Measures For Desperate Times

Talk about desperate measures for desperate times!  Tan Man Boehner chose today, primary day in Arizona, Florida, Alaska, Vermont and Oklahoma, to offer some kind of GOP party statement: fire President Obama’s chief economic advisers Geithner and Summers.

One political analyst I heard on the radio was asked by the interviewer if this request by Tan Man was a coincidence that it was issued today, on primary day.  The analyst responded that it was more calculation than coincidence.  Now tell me something that I don’t know.

Doesn’t the GOP realize the embarrassment that goes along with this silly action?  Aren’t they ashamed to have still and yet not come up with any political salvos or solutions to help our country other than to criticize the administration?  Can they really be that stupid?  Vice President Biden got it right today in his commentary on Tan Man’s strategy:

After months of promising a look at his party agenda for his plans for America,” Biden said, “his chief proposal, when you look at it, apparently was that the president should fire his economic team. Very constructive advice and we thank the leader for that.

….. Mr. Boehner and his party ran the economy and the middle class literally into the ground,” Biden said at one point. “I’m still waiting for what it is that they are for… I know what they are against. What I don’t know, other than a tax cut for the top two percent of the taxpayers in America, I don’t know what they are for.

The only thing that would make me even more disgusted with the GOP would be a victory for them at the polls.  Piled on top of the ignorance and laziness of the GOP, we have to acknowledge the degree of stupidity of the population.  Is this apathetic  malaise justified due to the self-absorbed, corrupt status of our politically elected resulting in an apathetic, hopeless ethos of the general population?  Or is this position of backing the GOP by 50% of our electorate perhaps a real degree of stupidity on the part of those voters?  Whatever the reason, this definite Republican bloc is too accepting of what is handed to them.  Is the true translation of this really  “The hell with doing my homework.  Put a buck in my pocket, cut my tax burden and I will vote Republican”   This is one of the major underlying causes of America’s stagnation.  David Brooks wrote in the New York Times today about this problem.  Read it carefully and weep:

In the words of Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the negative void of the GOP platform is a fact that the GOP have chosen not to acknowledge and they are getting away with it:

John Boehner and the Republican leadership wouldn’t know a new idea if they tripped on it,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) told reporters on a Monday conference call organized by the Democratic National Committee.

Tan Man made a huge blunder today.  Will most Americans notice?  Americans need to exert the brains they were endowed with to face the issue of why they are so willing to accept the GOP’s modern version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.


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