Sweet Lou

“Sweet Lou” Piniella just retired from a 40-year baseball career.  Even though he might not be one of the absolute “greats” in major league history, I will always have a soft place for him in my heart.

When he played for the Yankees in the early 70’s, I was lucky enough to watch him at Yankee Stadium.  I think that my memories are more nostalgic for my youth than for the actual greatness of Lou.  Nevertheless, I remember being at the stadium and when Lou came up to bat, the crowd would roar “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU”.  I turned to my Dad and asked why they were booing Lou.  He said, “They are not booing Lou.   They are cheering him on by chanting his name!”  Silly me.

I think the thing that resonates about Sweet Lou is that he loved the game of baseball so much.  Period.  He was a pleasure to watch as a player, and as a manager, he was even better.  Watch this video of his farewell, and you will see what I mean.

In the great tradition of the New York Yankees, Lou Piniella will rank right up there with the great ones.  Thanks for the ride, Sweet Lou.



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