I Take It Back

In my post yesterday, if I expressed any doubt as to the stupidity of the American people, I absolutely take it back.  The general population and specifically, those members who are inclined to vote Republican, are as stupid as a rock and dumber than dirt.

Last night, Rick Scott won the Republican primary for Governor in Florida.  That name kept swirling around in my head; something “dirty” about him in the past?  You betcha.  After doing my research, I discovered that this Rick Scott was one and the same Rick Scott who headed up Hospital Corporation of America, and during his tenure there, the company was charged and found guilty of one of the largest Medicare/Medicaid frauds ever:


Irony does not even begin to describe his ambitions today.  He is running in a state that must have one of the largest populations of elderly people in the country.  Thus, Florida also has one of the longest lists of Medicare enrollees.  Why can’t these astute voters take that one mental baby step and realize that not only is Scott’s platform less government involvement in health care, but also that he was the ring leader of a company that stole millions, if not billions, from his precious government.  Granted, Scott was not charged with any of these accusations.  Over and above his unproven personal culpability, Scott, as the CEO of Columbia/HCA, certainly bears responsibility for stealing government funds and funneling them into his corporate coffers and his shareholders’ pockets.  If this isn’t a total abuse of public funds used to redistribute America’s wealth and deepen the gap between the classes, I do not know what is.  However, what can one think of him when the company he headed was  fined $1.7 billion for falsifying medical claims to the U.S. government?  Obviously, the answer is: be our governor —- please!!!!

Good on ya’, Florida.  Now all you have to do is elect him to your top post.  Let’s see: the choice is should I vote for Scott or should I keep my Medicare?  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  There is an inverse relationship between the lack of even one iota of sense and smarts of the Florida electorate and their plethora of benefits from Medicare.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  The alligator tears, the remorse for stupid acts, are just about to overflow.  It may be too little, too late by then.

But then again, as my mother always said in trying to get me and my sister to stop roughhousing, “When you break both legs, don’t come running to me.”


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One Response to “I Take It Back”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    EXCELLENT opinion and right on the money (pardon the pun)! It is an amazing thing that a large VERY large part of our populous is absolutely STUPID and ignorant. The ones during the summer of last year who were PAID by conservative corporations and flunkies to feign outrage over government run health care were the very ones who benefited from the largest social safety net in this country Medicare and Social Security. Could they connect the dots…NOPE no way.

    Scott’s opponent is a gal whose last name is SINK….not a hard leap to see a good logo for her SINK scott!

    Good luck America, return to the good ole days of yesteryear Bush and see how fast our Social Security and Medicare fades away. And who will care? Answer: NOBODY you’re on your own!

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