Know-Nothing Nation

There’s an interesting article today by Timothy Egan.   He too, just like Yo Mama, writes of the ignorance of the American people:

This is a damn good piece and you should take five minutes to read it.  Of course though, Egan makes his points much more serenely than I did.  Thus, his impact is greater.  His conclusion, like mine, says it in a nutshell, when he writes of those destructive, lying and provocative critics of President Obama:

They don’t even have to mention race. The code words do it for them.

I still am having a hard time believing that Rick Scott made it through all the primary contests to wind up running for Florida’s top office.  True, I was late-to-the-party in my realization of just who he is and his dirty history, but at least I did my research to get an answer.  Voters in this country think it an anathema to exercise their minds in the process of vetting an elected official.  They would rather listen to various media personalities who lie, provoke and distort the facts.

Ignorance is NOT bliss.  The seeds of intentional stupidity grow into full-blown destruction, mayhem and in your worst dreams, murder.  The stabbing of the Muslim cabbie in NYC is a clear example of that.  For those factions that promote this aura of fear, I say get a real platform with true substance and stop creating a scenario where disaster is sure to follow.  Is it the ultimate goal of these right-wing provocateurs to roil the pot even further in order to enable an already unstable element to cross the lien of sanity?  Will these instigators encourage and abet a danger to befall our President, just as it has a New York City taxi driver?  Do they want our President so badly out of office that any way, shape or form of his removal is successful as long as it is consummated?

Has anyone said it better than this baby?  With the weekend almost upon us, a little humor is in order.  And humor can sometimes make the truth much more powerful:


Here’s Bill Maher on the stupidity of the American people.



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  1. NatalieR Says:

    FABULOUS UTUBE the BEST I have ever seen!!! Get that out to our electorate — NOW!! What a fabulous child.

  2. amy lilley Says:

    Give that boy the $100K prize…YES WE CAN…amazing!!!!

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