Glenn Beck’s Blasphemy

Pure blasphemy.  That is what Glenn  Beck’s rally today at the Lincoln Memorial to “restore honor” is touted to be about.  Forgive me: I hadn’t realized that we lost our honor.  Unless of course, one thinks that having Barack Hussein Obama as our President is a loss of honor.  Perhaps a “black mark” (use your imagination to extend that metaphor) on our history?

Enough of this gobbledygook.  The real blasphemy is that I need to go down to the D.C. wharf to buy some beautiful Maryland blue crabs for my dinner tonight with a special guest, and if Beck’s rally and his “peace-loving” participants who will be toting an arsenal of guns prohibit my trek into D. C., there will be hell to pay.  Forget about my Maypo; I want my crabs.

Jon Stewart had a mouthful to say about Beck’s efforts to restore honor:

Check back.  I will provide you with an update.


Just got back home from the wharf.  My mind-set was to barrel through the traffic and confusion in our D.C. metro area, do whatever it takes, to get those crabs.  And I did.  I took a circuitous route to avoid the mayhem and finally the wharf, which is truly one of D.C.’s best spots to visit, was a joy to see.  After haggling with the vendors about whether the crabs were really “jumbo”, “large” or just plain “medium”, after my visit into the refrigerator to hand-pick the crabs, after putting on those rubber gloves so I could determine the heft of each crab and after negotiating the price of the crabs, I am one happy camper.

As for the disruptive Glenn Beck who really, now, is on his own mission (no surprise that Sarah Palin will be “orating” at Beck’s gathering today), I leave these words,  offered up by one of my Daily KOS readers:  “Martin Luther King had a dream.  Glenn Beck has a scheme.”


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