Meet Me At The Fair

There are world fairs such as the St. Louis Exposition in 1904:

There are state and county fairs as well:

The Blue Hill Fair, held annually on Labor Day weekend, is a town fair, and it is spectacular.  It is the last word on everything that is as American as apple pie, that is down-home fun and that is quintessential  neighborly.  I will let the following photos bring it on home to you!

Notice the inspirational "Blue Hill" in the background.

Let the games begin!



Little red hot rod.

The bear necessities.

Dearly beloved dragon.


Yo Mama loves the Cookiemama!

Spun heaven.

Now, Dear, here is your honey-do list.......

Am I gorgeous, or what?

I am much more gorgeous than the blonde.


Step right up and win your prize.



One fish, two fish ......

Even better than Oz.

In fact, Oz has come to Blue Hill.

Even Nawlins couldn't resist this fair.

The Blues takes Blue Hill.

Until next year .......

Most of all the Blue Hill Fair evokes a more carefree time, of wonder and childhood, when our role was to simply have fun, to live in the moment, as if we would never grow older:


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    Yomama, the new camera is serving you well…these are all GREAT pics…however, in my humble opinion, the ferris wheel from ‘below’ would be an outstanding card…wish I had been there w/ you…:)))

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