Better To Be Lucky

Congratulations, kudos and admiration for working hard, being smart, being rich, birthing and raising health children.  People are indeed in charge of their destiny.  Yet, enough cannot be said for being just plain lucky.  Lucky trumps all else.

Mind you, having good luck is not an excuse for avoiding living a decent, productive life.  It is not an “out” for escaping responsibility.  But it sure is nice when it happens.  Luck should not be depended upon; it should be considered a very nice “dividend” when it goes your way.

I am keeping everything crossed that the Democrats get real lucky in November.  This attitude does not reflect any hopelessness.  To the contrary: if we can get the voters out on Election Day, we stand a chance.  However, if economic numbers continue to get stronger, the stock market continues to climb, President Obama can make progress on the Afghanistan front and the Palestinian-Israeli discussions, there are no natural disasters or terrorist attacks, that would be very lucky.  Forget about luck having anything to offer our increasing foreclosure rates and unemployment numbers.  That is definitely unrealistic.

Let’s keep talking, fighting and above all, supporting our team.  Plus, a little luck would go a long way.


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