Remember When? He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

He really never left us.  He is just trying to get done the most multi-faceted, multi-tasking and bitch of a job that ever existed.

My friend Andrew Sullivan, as usual, says it best:

We did it once, we will do it again.  The fervor for common sense, decorum and honesty is still there.  Maybe it is somewhat latent, but The Prez will mine that sanity.  Talk to people and get the youngins’ out to vote.  Give an oldster a ride to the polls.  Celebrate that we still have a say, a say that is imperative for our healing and growing, and a leader who will do his best for us.

Remember when?



One Response to “Remember When? He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    AH I SO remember then!!! FIRED UP READY TO GO!!! Onward.

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