American Folklore

The art of American delusion can now be considered a new form of our folklore.

Doesn’t any political figure have any pride or sense of self-respect left?  Is everything negotiable, especially when a buck is involved?  On my local news radio station, there has been a barrage of commercials, spoken by Rudy Giuliani, for motivational seminars given by himself and other public notables.  He says, “The price is only $9.95, and for that $9.95 your entire office can attend!”  Degradation and desperation has never been more apparent.  Isn’t Giuliani embarrassed to hawk these talks?  I am embarrassed to just hear these ads, and even more, would rather commit hari-kari than show up at one of these seminars:

Not only do Americans love to be snookered by a con, they also willingly become lambs led to the slaughter.  Our elevation of these crooks and fakers to notoriety and role-model status is a symptom of our deep malaise.  We desire nothing more than a quick fix, a windfall, to right us again.  We have no patience with hard work and measured thought that real solutions encompass.  What astounds me, in my incredible naivete,  is that our leaders take advantage of the passivity of their constituents instead of trying to protect them.  Thus, why is everyone so surprised at the less-than-stellar reception our President has received during his first eighteen months in office?  Here he is, plugging along trying to implement a long-term agenda that Americans want done yesterday.

Let these people talk, burn and crash.  They are capable of doing this all on their own.  The saddest fact though is that the electorate will still vote for them and follow them to the pyre.  Is the restrictive religious aspect of the conservatives representative of our founding principles?  No.  Is the economic strategy of tax cuts for the rich beneficial to the middle class?  No.  Is the concern for the here and now versus the long-term consideration worthy of correcting our path?  No.

Thank you John McCain for unleashing on America the new-fangled public persona of the Mama Grizzly, the one hell of a quitter public servant, the money-grubbing icon of American capitalism and the religious phony who falls back on her God when there is no other answer.   And now, Palin is being outdone by a worse eccentric, Christine O’Donnell.  Bill Maher has released yet another clip of his past conversations with O’Donnell:—-but-liked-meatballs-too-much.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tpmelectioncentral+%28TPM+Election+Central%29

O’Donnell continues her pearls-of-wisdom confessional.  Is she being viewed as adorably honest?  How about hopelessly stupid?  She has clearly outpaced Sarah Palin in getting the people to identify with her down-home mien.  There isn’t much leadership value in a Palin or an O’Donnell, but hell, look at all the entertainment value.  The problem with this scenario is that these public players will be laughing all the way to the bank while the pathetic people, in their current support of these players, will eventually be crying in their tea cups.

With absolutely no intention of demeaning President Obama’s intellect, leadership skills, guts and correct interpretation of our shortfalls, I must admit that all these idiots in the political limelight are making him look like the statesman of the century.  However, the fact remains that the President’s numbers are not all that good.  To me, that says it all about our American electorate.

America has always had a plethora of snake oil salesmen.  Unfortunately, until the American public ceases to embrace them we still have a lot of crashing and burning to do.  Or we can just chalk up this nonsense to an adorable element of American folklore.


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