American Ingenuity or Chicanery?

Was I on the right track, or what?  Take a few minutes from your Sunday to read and learn what we are up against.  Acknowledgment and understanding are the first steps necessary for change to occur.

1.  Frank Rich on Christine O’Donnell:

2.  Umberto Eco on lying and fakery as the drive factors in our political and cultural lives:

3.  Bob Herbert’s explanation of our political disconnect, touching on a much wider, insidious result:

Is there no regard for admirable behavior?  Can you believe that some GOP and Tea Party candidates are actually proud of their illegal behavior and use their chicanery as a means to identify with those “in the same boat” to accumulate votes?  All three writers have addressed this phenomenon of turning the tables of reason and truth to suit one’s ambitions.  Some would call this absolute genius: I call it flat-out deceit.


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One Response to “American Ingenuity or Chicanery?”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I call it flat out DUMB. We will NEVER go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public…rings truer today than ever before. I would LOVE to prove that axiom wrong!

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