One More Thing ……

One more thing about Christine O’Donnell: not on a bet, not a snowball’s chance in Hell is she me.  That slogan “I’m you” is not only presumptuous, but also it is dead wrong.

Miss Chrissie, assimilate this information.  I never fabricated my educational history and degrees.  I have authorized, certifiable transcripts listing all the courses I studied.  Pass or fail, they are mine and I own them.

Furthermore, during my “prestigious” and illustrious roles as head of the various PTA’s, what with running the annual picnic and managing the Book Fair (which took in more money the year that I ran it than in any other year), I never once took some of the funds raised to cover my rent, groceries and other incidentals.  Furthermore, I am here to talk about my deeds, not to run away from them.

The only thing missing from the O’Donnell scenario is a sex tape.

Lastly, the lone good thing I can say about O’Donnell is that thank Heavens and every single lucky star that she never had any children.  She is the epitome of talking a good line and living a totally different, removed life from what she preaches.  Imagine the mixed messages to which her children would have been subjected.  Even Cesar Millan and Dr. Spock would not have been able to straighten out that mess with any of her potential kids.

It is fine and dandy for O’Donnell to run for office; that is her American-born right.  However, when she takes to the air waves to tell me that “I’m you”, that is when I fight back as hard as I know how.  She is in no way, shape or form, me.  She should only be so lucky.


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  1. NatalieR Says:

    FABULOUS comment. I think you should cut and paste this and put it on her web page comments.

    The NERVE of her to say that! Yes, she should ONLY be 1/10th as lucky to have your ethics and to be one who LIVES those ethics and does not hypocritically say one thing and do quite the other which has INFESTED the Republican party especially. Democrats too have their corrupt issues BUT I believe less of them because their tent and their minds are bigger!

    GREAT BLOG. Get it out there!

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