A Voice For Moderation

You would never know it from my last two posts, but I AM aware that a candidate is so much more effective when he talks positively about himself rather than negatively about his opponent.  Unfortunately for me, sometimes my emotions overwhelm my intellect.

At any rate, my son told me about this educated, reasonable, honest and hard-working politician in the Charlottesville area of my home state Virginia.  His name is Tom Perriello and he is the Congressman (Democratic) from the state’s fifth district running for re-election.  I knew his back-story and my son was kind enough to refresh my memory.  I did a little more research and lo and behold!  I have found a candidate who merits strong support.  And he is going to need every drop of whatever support he can muster.  His region of Virginia is very conservative.  I like this guy.  His positions are based on his own beliefs and the specific needs of his constituency, sometimes seemingly counter-intuitive to the Democratic platform, but in the end, applicable to whom he represents.  His honesty of purpose belies a strictly Progressive agenda.  I have already sent in a donation to his campaign.

Then yesterday in the Washington Post, E. J. Dionne, as if he was reading my mind,  wrote an Op-Ed piece on Perriello. He called the Perriello tenure in D.C. and his current race an “experiment” in rational, moderate and appropriate leadership.  I agree.

Please read the article and if you are as taken by Perriello as I am, send in a coupla bucks.

I admit that it is not productive to bash those candidates with whom we disagree.  It’s just that it feels so good.  Nevertheless, I have just presented you with a positive candidate, worthy of holding office but facing an uphill battle.  Spread the word and let’s help him out.


1.  The March 15, 2010 edition of “The New Yorker” has a thorough article on President Obama and Tom Perriello, the interplay between the Presidency and the Fifth District in Virginia, titled “Obama’s Lost Year.”  You know my technological handicap— and I do not know how to download the article.  It is a great piece of writing and political analysis.Here is the link to the magazine and the rest is up to you.  It’s worth it:


I will ask my tech savvy son to try and provide you with the link later today.

2.  Who knew how timely my thoughts and attention  to Tom Perriello would be?  Today in “The Atlantic” is another article on this important race:



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  1. natalierosen Says:

    I saw him I THINK on Ed Schultz and he presented wonderfully. There MUST be some smart, prescient, humane, honest Virginians aren’t there? I remember Tim Kaine! 🙂 If there are Perriello is worthy of a vote!

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