Tom Perriello: Litmus Test for the Midterm Elections

Talk about getting out an honest message.  Remember my friend Tom Perriello, running to keep his seat in Virginia’s Fifth District?  This race, to me, is the one to watch.  This race is the litmus test for many other close contests across the country.  If Perriello can pull off a win, so can many other Democratic candidates in these midterms.  Here he is again from a debate yesterday with his opponent:

Amazing that he zoomed in on the concept of “immediate gratification” as the driving force of our fickle voters.  If you have a few bucks to spare, sent them on in to Perriello’s campaign.  Read here for my take on Perriello.   He is a leader worth fighting for and saving.

In another race near and dear to me, Democrat Alex Sink is closing the gap, if not completely erasing it, between herself and Republican Rick Scott in the Florida gubernatorial race.  Scott is the crook whose business history and personal ethical behavior is indelibly marred by his tenure as CEO at Hospital Corporation of America.  Once again, here are my thoughts on Scott.  The race in Florida is still too close to call, so let’s keep everything crossed.

While not intending to be a Pollyanna, I have noticed that many races across the country that were assumed to go heavily and decisively to the GOP, are tightening up significantly and the Dems just might pull out a few upsets.  Examples: Joe Sestak has narrowly (very) pulled ahead of his Republican opponent in the Pennsylvania Senate race,  Senator Patty Murray is keeping it very close with her GOP opponent Dino Rossi in Washington’s Senate race, the California gubernatorial and Senate contests  waver back and forth between the candidates with just a touch of favor for the Dems and finally, the Democratic team running for the Presidency, Obama/Biden, has just pulled ahead of their GOP counterpart, Palin/Huckabee.  HA! I threw in that last race just to check if you really are using your critical reading skills.

Election Day 2010 is not a “gimme”.  Anything can happen.  Only time will tell if the predicted rout of the GOP will actually take place.  I do not think it will be as bad as the forecasts.  Political races are fleeting, flaky and “flukey”, exactly like the electorate.  Heaven knows what the voters will demand for their immediate gratification on Election Day when they head to the polls.  Fun and games.

Oh, what the heck: call me Pollyanna.  I’ve been called a lot worse.


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2 Responses to “Tom Perriello: Litmus Test for the Midterm Elections”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    How the Sink race can even be CLOSE to the unethical and fraudulent Scott who bilked millions from Medicare and Medicaid whose company was found GUILTY of fraud I will never know. HOW CAN THIS MAN EVEN BE IN THE RUNNING?

    I figured something out when I saw 25 year old Meaghan McCain interviewed on Rachel Maddow. Meaghan is a proud Republican BUT she is a Republican with brains. She argues intelligently for her party’s main issue. There is LOTS to argue intelligently about Republican politics but Meaghan McCain cannot probably get a foot in the door even though her father was its presidential nominee. Why? Because she refuses to sell her soul like her father did to gain power. She is TOO smart, too eloquent and TOO principled for the moronic Republican base to support her. She throws off the YOKE of religious wingnut idiocy and puts forth a reasoned argument for why she is in the Republican party.

    I once said I would NEVER on planet earth ever in my life vote Republican because of the utter STUPIDITY inherent in that party and platform but IF someday they morph into the party of Meaghan McCain I am not going to say I would not give her a second thought. The problem is I probably will be six feet under by the time that happens!

  2. NatalieR Says:

    I read Yomamma’s rest of her post. LOVE IT!

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