Follow-Ups: Fellowship and Folly

I hate loose ends, so allow me to update a few topics of current interest that I have been following.  But first, I offer my son Chuck a lot of thanks for keeping me informed by sending me many pertinent links.  He can channel my political persona perfectly and is totally in tune with my brand of humor, however sick it may be.

On the serious side, I will begin by turning again to the campaign of Tom Perriello, running for re-election to Virginia’s Fifth House District.  With regard to the grander scope of things,  David Paul is in agreement with me on who really is going to be the victim of the Tea Party, that being the GOP:

Furthermore, Perriello’s race IS the race to watch as the barometer of tough, close races across the nation:

Finally, Perriello should be getting more support from his party and assuming he wants it, more attention from his President:

At any rate, his campaign is the one  to emulate, his values are the ones to admire and his honesty is what we should vote for.  Perriello’s race is the gold standard because his character, intellect and judgment are unassailable.  His campaign reflects the man:

Also, another weighty issue is the repeal of DADT.  I finally found a concise explanation of why President Obama is taking the seemingly more difficult path to justice.  His actions are now quite clear to me and I want to share this reasonable, straight-forward interpretation with you:

Finally, in the trite and ridiculous department I have three items that need revisiting.  First, I find the actions of Virginia Thomas, wife of the Supreme Court Justice, to be unfathomable.  I just do not get her request for an apology from Anita Hill.  Even given the fact that Mrs. Thomas may not be the brightest bulb in the room, her intentions escape me.  During the last week, Lillian McEwen, a former romantic partner of Mr. Thomas, has surfaced more or less corroborating his behaviors that he demonstrated to Ms. Hill so long ago.  Frankly, I think that McEwen’s too-late-to-the-party confessions are just as inappropriate as Mrs. Thomas’ request for an apology.  Mrs. Thomas must either be having brain spasms in the appropriateness center or perhaps she is mad as hell at her husband and so opened up this new attack on an old story to bring him down.  Certainly her supposed aim of an apology backfired on her.  In the case of McEwen, it is interesting and funny that now since she is retired and probably needs a bit more income, she has sealed a book deal dredging up dirt from twenty years ago.  Her honesty was needed twenty years ago, but of course there was no money in it for her at that time plus she contends that her testimony would have hurt her legal career.  Aah …. talk about character.  Mrs. Thomas and McEwen deserve each other.

Secondly, another idiot has resurfaced: Levi Johnston.  In his recent interview with Bill Maher, Levi (looking a little chunky) does the best he can with the mind he was given and not developed.  If you think Maher is unmerciful towards Levi, Rob Reiner’s reactions are even more heartless.  Yet, perhaps Levi has courted this treatment in his pursuit now of the mayorship of Wasilla, Alaska.  Shoot: he hasn’t even declared if he will run as a Democrat or Republican.  A lesson to Levi: if you want to play with the big boys, you better come prepared, or else you will be laughed off the stage —- or maybe just elected.

Thirdly in the realm of the sublimely preposterous, we have another Bill Maher clip where he comments on the recent texts, tweets, or whatever, of Brett Favre.  Favre aside (and Maher is wrong about women not being interested in Favre’s photos —- there are just as many women as men who will do anything for their fifteen minutes of notoriety), I included this video because I especially like Maher’s comments on Palin, O’Donnell and Bachman.  You might ask why bother to focus on the crass and crude comments of Maher.  The answer is because these fear mongers, although tapping into a real anger expressed by the people, are stupid, selfish and above all, must be prevented from holding public office using any means possible.  The original Mama Grizzly, our Sarah, set forth this strain of  “dare ’em and scare ’em” politics and despite her incompetence, desire for personal gain and penchant for shirking her responsibilities, has a fairly strong public following.  Maher is absolutely correct when he says that if Palin ran against President Obama for the Presidency today, the white male sector would vote her into office in a heart beat.  I disagree with Maher on his comments that women in general wouldn’t vote for her; I believe they would vote her through in droves.

As long as the chance exists for one of these extremist demagogues to hold office, I will fight fire with fire, which includes the crass and crude.  Palin, O’Donnell and Bachman have jumped on the bandwagon of our current populist movement, all the while embracing the restrictive nature of its philosophy.  A true leader would never fall victim to discriminatory elements, despite that it emanates from the electorate.  Rather, an educated leader would place fair and just principles above their winner-take-all battle to get elected.  These three women offer nothing for the unification and thus, problem solving, of our nation.  What they do offer is a divisiveness so deep and destructive that the only winners will be their egos and pocketbooks.  Frank Rich also tackles this “fake populism” of the GOP and Tea Party.

That’s it for my update.  Thanks again to Chuck.


MoDo in the New York Times today on the right-wing judicial activism of the Supreme Court:

Justice Thomas has “The Worst Week in Washington”:


My son has just corrected me.  Re: Brett Favre’s “tweets” are actually called “sexts”.  Who knew?


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