One Last Push for Perriello

The political race that is nearest and dearest to me is Tom Perriello’s fight to maintain his seat in Virginia’s 5th Congressional district.  He is running against Republican Robert Hurt, who maintains a slim lead.  However, a miss is as good as a mile, and Perriello needs our support.  He is a man of honor and a public servant of sanity, independence and honesty.  His district is overwhelmingly conservative which, given his last victory and this campaign’s neck-and-neck status, is a testament to his appeal.  Perriello is the only House candidate in these midterm elections who received a visit from President Obama on the campaign trail.  The President stumped, in person, for Perriello last week.  This was the picture of “guts supporting guts.”

Please consider a donation to his campaign.  Perriello is the epitome of reason, responsibility and dedication to the needs of his electorate.  He most likely will hold the office of Virginia’s governorship at some time in the future, and after that, who knows where his talents may take him.  However, this is a crucial race for him.  Democrats, Progressives and liberals alike need new blood and Perriello is our guy for the present and more importantly, our future.  Please give what you can.

To all of the University of Virginia students in Charlottesville, which is in Perriello’s district, I urge you to go vote on Tuesday.  Don’t use the excuse of one UVA coed, in an interview on television last week, who spoke of her apathy to these elections because the races “just weren’t as exciting as the last Presidential contest.”  Did this seeker of only the immediate high think that Barack Obama was born President of the United States?  Perhaps she was unaware of all the grassroots contests he had to slog through before reaching the pinnacle of his political career.  Voting is not about one’s desire for excitement; rather, it is every citizen’s civic duty.  UVA is one of the best schools in the country and this voter needs to show her appreciation to her district, her state and her country for making such a fine state-supported and subsidized university available to her.  Batter, batter!  Come on, voter, voter: get thee beer buns to the polls and assume your responsibility of citizenship.

To close, I will be doing a LIVE BLOG on this site on election night.  Please tune in.


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