Live Blog: 2010 Midterms

6:00 P.M.:

Welcome to the midterm election night of 2010.  Let me start off by linking you to The New York Times interactive site, where my baby girl Maribel, singing her new folk song “American Soil”, is one of the featured videos in the article titled “Why You Are Voting”:

So here we go.  Turnout has been heavy, especially in the urban areas.  Without being unrealistically optimistic, this bodes well for the Democrats.  Never say never.  For the next several hours, I will continuously provide updates and of course, commentary, as the polls close and the returns start trickling in.  Be aware that many races probably will be too close to call tonight.  Check back to this site often.

6:43 P.M.:

O me O my O!  So glad I am not Christine O’Donnell tonight.  She might be me, but trust me, I am NOT her.  It’s going to be a not-so-happy night.  So communicate with me, please!

7:00 P.M.:

NBC has called Jim Dandy DeMint the winner of the Senate race in South Carolina.  Ugh.  But Patrick Leahy has been declared the victor in the Vermont Senate race.  In Indiana, Republican Senate  candidate Dan Coats has been the victor over Democrat Brad Ellsworth.  Tell me something I don’t already know.   Hold on to your hats: the polls just closed in my commonwealth, the great state of Virginia.  Keep everything crossed for Ton Perriello.

7:11 P.M.:

Rand Paul has been given the Senate victory in Kentucky.  First Tea Party victory of the night.  Pretty randy, no?

7:54 P.M.:

Took some nourishment and walked the dog.  Since I am tuned in to NBC (this is one house where cable has no place), I am watching the Bush prodigy, i.e. Billy Bush, report on the day’s gossip.  Come on! Give me some substance.

8:13 P.M.:

The New York Times had projected Mark Rubio to be the winner in the Florida Senate race.  Pu-lease: tell me something I don’t know.  I have everything crossed that  the scoundrel and crook, Rick Scott, running to be Florida’s next governor, will lose his contest.

8:21 P.M.:

Eric Cantor, representative from Virginia’s seventh district, has been given a victory in his race.  This is significant, though not unexpected, because he will be second in leadership stature to Boehner should the GOP take the majority in the House.  Ultra-conservative.

8:26 P.M.:

Glory be!  CBS has handed defeat to Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race.  Truly, I am so torn up about this.  I guess she’ll go back to subverting public campaign donations to pay her for her rent, grocery and gas bills.  Life goes on.

8:45 P.M.:

Democrat Joe Manchin has been handed the West Virginia Senate race.  This is a big win for Senator Byrd’s long-held seat.

8:53 P.M. :

Oy.  In Virginia’ fifth congressional district with 86% of the precincts reporting, Tom Perriello lags behind his GOP opponent by a 46.3% to 51.5% deficit.  This is heart breaking for me.  After this news, I just feel like canning it.  Things are not going well for the Dems.  In fact, NBC has just predicted that the House has fallen to the GOP, with a tally of 237  (Rep.) to 198 (Dem.).

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for your undying loyalty to your party and your President.  The depth of the hatred held by your opposition is an indication of just how well you performed.  Take that hatred as the highest compliment available.

NBC has projected the Connecticut Senate race as a win for the Democrat Blumenthal over the Republican McMahon.  In Arkansas, Boozman (Rep.) is the projected winner over SF (see previous post for definition) Lincoln.  No great loss there.  In Ohio, the Senate race is being called in favor of the Republican Portman over his Democratic opponent Fisher.   Although the House is lost, we are still hanging on to the Senate.

9:16 P.M.:

Four Senate races are still too early to call: Colorado, Illinois (for Obama’s former seat), Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

9:24 P.M.:

In my eleventh congressional district the race between Democratic incumbent Connolly and Republican Fimian is tied at 49% with 70% of the vote reported.  Quite frankly, it does not look good for Connolly.  Very tense.

Overall, it appears that the House races have definitely gone right of center, with the close races going to the GOP.  The Senate contests are still too early to make any grand assumptions.  I am fading fast and do not know how much longer I will last.  As I said previously, no matter what happens tonight, life goes on and I still need my sleep so I can be up and at ’em at 6 A.M. tomorrow.  I got a life and I gotta live it.

9:31 P.M.:

Aren’t we the cat’s meow in our standards of morality and behavior?  Vitter, the GOP candidate running to hold on to his Senate seat in Louisiana, has been declared the winner over his GOP opponent.  This even after Vitter admittedly fessed up to his participation in whore-mongering activities.  Prostitution might be a bad thing, but apparently higher taxes are a much bigger sin.  Gotta love it.

9:50 P.M.:

Must turn in.  I probably will be up again in a few hours and I will try to comment at that time.  The governor races are so surprises: Cuomo gets the win in New York (duh!), O’Malley has beaten Republican Erlich in Maryland and Patrick has kept his spot as head of Massachusetts.  However, in Tennessee and Kansas, the governor’s mansions have been ceded to the GOP.  Rick Scott has a slim lead in the Florida gubernatorial race.

Once again, the lowm point of the night for me has been Tom Perriello’s defeat in Virginia.  Not to worry: he’ll be back.

See ya’ later.


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    Love you, mama. I am awake in San Diego at a conference… Hope you blog later…. Don’t worry, I voted early!

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