Pre-Live Blog Blog: The 2010 Midterms

If the trend spotters are correct, tonight is not going to be pretty for the Democrats.  Nevertheless, we will survive —- trust me.  Prior to my coverage this evening, I have a few choice words, which also are not going to be pretty.

The GOP is a bankrupt party with an empty agenda, save for getting the Black guy out of the White House.  Sarah Palin has called for the GOP to “take back America”.  To where, O Wise One? Back to the “righty whitey” rule of past Republican administrations?  Back to the Reagan/Bush years where government and private sector debt ruled the roost, where we always had to have a war going on to boost our economy which supposedly flowered during militaristic endeavors, back to the stand-by mantra of less government spending?  Spare me.  Reagan said that all the Democrats do is to tax and spend.  In reality, the Republican  BORROWED and spent, creating a huge deficit that would fall to future generations to erase.  Bill Clinton got that deficit down to zero, but then George W. came into office (through the back door, mind you) and our debt ballooned once again under his over-simplified policies.  War is no longer the economic savior that it was in the past.  Today, our own domestic situation is suffering badly because the monies that should be funnelled into our own problems here at home are being used to nation-build abroad.  I sure hope the Iraqi and Afghani people appreciate the education, health care and regime bribes that we have gifted to them.

The Tea Party is no better than the GOP.  Palin has aligned herself as this party’s leader to quench her thirst for public attention, which translates into bucks in her pocket.  Likewise the entire GOP, who would hitch their star to any faction that would get them back into power.  How many Tea Party supporters are miserable, unemployed and pissed that they aren’t “getting enough”?   In the Financial Times last week, there was a front-, full-page article on a couple living in Florida.  They were both laid off from GM, moved to the Sunshine State, and currently spend their days living off of disability payments and getting the most they can from their Medicare/Medicaid benefits, all the while being huge organizers and supporters of the Tea Party.  They see no conflict between their taking of government subsidies and their devotion to the Tea Party’s numero uno rule of less government spending.  Hell: if the spending is for them, then it is okay.  Furthermore, if this couple has the time and energy (despite their disability) to devote to Tea Party activities, how about they take a job at a desk?  I cannot imagine those jobs would be more demanding on their fragile health status than their Tea Party activities.  Just a thought.

On this election night, you will see more Tea Party successes in the House races than in those of the Senate because in reality, the Tea Party is not very well organized.  Thus, their effect will be more prevalent in the smaller, local congressional districts, which are more grass-roots driven than our state-wide Senate races.  Keep  in mind though, that these local races are very important.  With its incendiary, unduly scary message, the venom of the Tea Party can spread well beyond local boundaries over the next two years.  If that happens, the cautionary tale we are about to experience tonight will morph into a disaster in 2012.

Despite all this fake and hypocritical nonsense from the GOP and the Tea Party, the harshest criticism I have is for my fellow Democrats.  In a recent post, I called politicians like Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson and Max Baucus “star seekers” because of their political grandstanding, to withhold their vote on President Obama’s legislation in order to be the “last-one-standing” and garner political capital for themselves.  I was being polite then.  Now the gloves are off.  They are not merely “star seekers”; they are “star fuckers” (SF’s), plain and simple.  SF’s will eat their own, will screw even their own mothers, all for their personal advancement.  I have a special place in Yo Mama Hell reserved for these SF’s.

Mind you, I appreciate those Democrats that vote their conscience and even vote in the best interests of their particular electorate.  I admire Tom Perriello’s independence, often times voting against President Obama.  I even liked the fact that the President did not endorse the Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor, Frank Caprio, because he was running against Lincoln Chafee, not only a seasoned public servant but also a good friend of the President.  There is a lot to be said for honest independence in the political process.  The difference between the voting actions of Perriello and the President versus the three aforementioned SF’s is the intent of their votes.  Perriello and Obama did not base their decisions on what was the best deal for them personally, as did those three traitors.  But for the likes of Lincoln, Nelson and Baucus to blackmail their party and President, that, to me, is despicable.  Their actions were no less than holding hostage their leader and country to their own self-serving needs.  These three hedonists are no different from Our Sarah, what with her endeavors to maintain the limelight swirling around her all for the betterment and enrichment of Sarah.

So no pissing and moaning over tonight’s results.  We will get what we deserve.  We will have to suck it up and hopefully, learn from this unrealistic expectation of immediate and total perfection.    Change takes time.  Our chosen leader deserves more support than he has received from us.  Real rewards entail real risks.  In times of euphoria, support is easy to offer.  It is during the tougher times, when negotiating landmark legislation, that your leader needs your loyalty.  Believe me, on the day after Election night 2008, Barack Obama didn’t need your support, but we basked in all the glory anyway.  Now he does.  For those of you who gripe over what the President has not accomplished, I say take a good, hard look at what he has done.  Better start being appreciative or else the next election in 2012 will be a hell of a lot more devastating than this one promises to be.

Tonight will most likely be a far cry from the celebratory election night of two years ago.  Quit your whining and put your effort into supporting our President.  The next two years will demand your loyalty.  We still have time to right ourselves, but if President Obama does not get re-elected in 2012, we have our own liberal, progressive and democratic selves to blame.  Stand and deliver.  Don’t be an SF.

Now that I got all of that off my chest, on with the night’s results.


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One Response to “Pre-Live Blog Blog: The 2010 Midterms”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I cannot disagree with anything you have to say.

    One note of personal interest. Shortly, I hope I will be writing an editorial on patriotism. A little background: I was a poll watcher for the Democratic party in my precinct. That means for several hours I kept track of a list of Democrats who have not voted. Others give the ones who have not voted a reminder call or a lift to the polls if needed. It gave me a chance to sit at my polling place for three hours! The sites and the interactions can be interesting. The polling place comprises some wealthier districts AND some poor ones. I saw people walk up a HUGE flight of stairs who were elderly, infirm and significantly disabled. One African American woman who was both elderly, weight compromised AND had just come out of a hospital for heart surgery climbed up those stairs just to vote. It brought tears to my eyes. Several people were there to help her as she struggled to breath. Another elderly white haired man showed up bent over. His head came up to his belt buckle and he literally walked looking at the floor and using his cane. He MADE IT THOUGH HE VOTED!! I don’t care WHO he voted for it could even have been a Republican (well I hope not but he could have) the man VOTED. Kudos to him. Those were examples of the TRUE patriots who took their vote seriously enough to literally risk their lives to get to the polls. I was moved to tears. Next time when I feel sorry for myself I will think of these BRAVE patriots and realize there is a LOT to be thankful for and those two people knew it because they used the only weapon they could to express their opinion — their vote.

    Then I came home. I have about five Democratic signs on my lawn. Someone possibly who realized I would not be home — I have a sneaking suspicion who it was but cannot prove it — decided he (or she) would bend all of my signs. Naturally, I was furious and would not let that go so I walked over and tried to bend them back into place. One was difficult and being disabled as I am I lost my balance and fell to the ground.

    I was shaken naturally as I am not young. I have from childhood a malady that has left me with a severely compromised bone. I was very frighted. When I composed myself and thought about the two different experiences on election day I saw an editorial in the making.

    One experience was saturated with a patriotic spirit that defined the very essence of who we are as a people and the other committed by most probably the most hate filled tea bag anything-but-patriot scum who thought that bending a few Democratic signs showed their power.

    In reality it showed their weakness and their fear. It is the epitome of bullying at its primitive reptilian core. If these low lives are the ones who will be occupying the seats of power in this country we truly will be in sad shape. But the bullies only win if we let them. The next time anyone knows of a healthy able bodied Democrat who is not voting tell them about the black severely impaired woman in my district who by shear determination voted and tell them about the white haired elderly man who was stooped over but voted nonetheless.

    Patriots have given their lives so that we have the precious ability to vote and put signs on our lawn IF we choose. The vote can be taken away by the bully who must have felt so powerful twisting the little Democratic signs on the lawn of a disabled woman. I would bet HE would call himself a patriot. I call him a criminal and the police whom I called after I fell thought so too!

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