Further Ruminations on the Midterms

Corrections, mea culpas, and updates are in order.   After all, hindsight is 20-20.  In my last post, I said that my local 11th House district was the only such precinct in Virginia to go (remain) Democratic.  Not entirely true.  In Virginia’s 3rd and 8th districts, the Democratic incumbents were also able to hold on, Bobby Scott and Jim Moran respectively.  Additionally, I wrote that the Illinois Senate seat that once belonged to Obama remained in Democratic hands.  Absolutely not true.  Republican Mark Kirk beat out the Dem Alexi Giannoulias.  This race was touted as the ultimate symbol of President Obama’s tenure of the last two years.  Bulldoody.  Illinois can have the symbol.  I still got the President!

The Dems took the Colorado Senate race with Michael Bennet over Ken Buck.  The Alaska and Washington races will still take a number of days to decide.

I must add that the Blue Dog Democrats, those star fuckers (SF’s), got what they deserved.  Of the 46 SF’s who were running for office, 22 lost their bids.  What goes around, comes around.  Period.  Star light, star bright, first star fucker I see tonight.  Buh-bye.

About four days ago, Michelle Bachman refused to endorse John Boehner as House Majority Leader.  I immediately knew this was because of her own political ambitions.  She is and always has been very Sarah Palinesque.  The GOP has their own star fuckers.  Bachman is all for taking back our country as long as that process does not interfere with her own political goals, which naturally, has the highest priority.  Lo and behold, she has announced that yes, indeedy, she will run for the third highest leadership position in the new Congress.  So much for party loyalty and a united front of “saving” this country.   This new Congress just might be even more entertaining than I had anticipated.  The festivities began last night with Chris Matthews’ interview of Bachman.  He is so filled with shock and awe at this stupid muckraker that he actually asked her if she was in a “trance”:

Sarah Palin’s choices were not entirely successful.  While reaping victories on the smaller, grass roosts  scale, mainly House seats, her picks for the Senate had dismal outcomes.  The Washington Post nailed it, and I paraphrase: not only is Christine O’Donnell not a witch, but also she is not a Senator.  To me, the scary fact is that she still garnered 40% of the vote.  So although the Tea Party did gain some momentum in this election cycle, Palin is by no means a kingmaker, at least not yet.  Here are some of her major losses.  And here is the tally of wins and losses for the Tea Party.  I stand firm in my belief that the Tea Party’s main negative effect will be on the GOP by 2012.  Those idiots that have been elected, plus the possibility of a Tea Party extremist running for the Presidency in 2012, just might set off a war within the conservative wing of American politics.  Palin accomplished that type of scenario this week with the major losses of her chosen candidates in the Senate races.  If this sequence of events should come about, i.e. the GOP eating its own, then look for a third-party candidate, perhaps a Michael Bloomberg type, to step in and make a run, in the name of moderation, experience and sanity, for the highest office in our land.  Hell: knowing Michael Bloomberg, he could even declare himself a Democrat again and run against President Obama in the Presidential primary.

As I have previously mentioned, the race that deeply saddened me was Tom Perriello’s in Virginia.  He wrote a wonderful email to his supporters post-election.   So if he can move forward, I certainly can also.  We will hear much more from him in the future, both state-wide and nationally.

All in all, election night was tres interesting.  Forgive me my errors and to those who point them out to me, thanks even more so.


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