Obama: Moon Rising

Moon over Maine.

Twilight of another week.  Of course, that means it is the dawn of another weekend!

I want to tie up some loose ends.  The following items have slapped me squarely across my face this week.  I see President Obama’s orbit continuing to progress for the greater good and I interpret this week’s election results simply as his opponents —– well, opposing him.  The irony is that they are in pursuit of exactly what we have: an innovative, progressive and smart President.  It’s the When-Sally-Met-Harry syndrome all over again: they want what we have.

First, Our Sarah is now bemoaning her loss of privacy.  Can you believe that this whore of publicity, fame and do/say-anything-to-remain-in-the-public-spotlight, is so put out by the public’s invasion into her life?  Wait, wait: isn’t she the one and the same Sarah who now has a reality show based on her life in Alaska (And, by the way, it appears that she is doing everything possible to get and stay out of her beloved state)?  Is the hypocrisy that veiled?  And the apple does not fall from the tree.  Her Bristol was so busy with her own Hollywood activities on “Dancing With the Stars” that she just plain forgot to vote.  Priorities, priorities, priorities.  Like mother, like daughter.

Secondly and sure enough, Christine O’Donnell is taking the “high road” to her election loss.  She has joined the feral pack and is condemning the GOP’s choice of not sufficiently funding her Senate campaign.  She accuses the Republicans of “cannibalism”.  Does this sound familiar to my theory that the GOP and Tea Party would eat their own to ensure victory and that the two factions will probably destroy each other?  Just listen and watch.  Let them talk.  Let them use their beloved guns to shoot each other in the feet.

My fancy, prancin’ Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will seek the post of House minority leader.  I am thrilled.  Eugene Robinson, in his Op-Ed today in the Washington Post, clearly stands with me in my belief that the consummate sign of the wide-spread, deep dislike for her is actually the true measure of her successful achievement during her leadership role of the last four years.   They are inversely related: the more powerful, competent and loyal she was in getting her President’s and party’s message enacted, the more hatred fell her way.  I would say to Pelosi, “Great job.  You play the game better than anyone else.”  Judging from the animosity directed towards her, she was the most effective public servant during the last four sessions of Congress.  Read this article because this theory is as plain as the nose on your face.  Kudos to Nancy: may she dance forever!

Finally, a word on President Obama’s day-after-election-day speech to the nation.  Why am I am NOT falling for his humble pie performance is because I do not believe him for a minute.  He knows the great significance of the legislation passed during his first 18 months in office.  He damn well knows that his changes will take time to take effect.  Sure, I understand that for his party and his voters he had to fess up to a “shellacking” at the polls, but I maintain that his speech was theater and an attempt to soften the blow of the returns to those Democrats who lost.   President Obama does not do contrition well, but I ask: why should he be contrite at all?

For example, just today the unemployment numbers came out showing that 151,000 new jobs were created in October.  The good news is that this was 2 1/2 times higher than what was expected.  The bad news was that the overall unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.6%.  However, we are on the right path.  Any economist will tell you that unemployment is a lagging indicator, and the recovery rate of improvement is a slow process.  Besides, what if President Obama should try to move new legislation through, let’s say, to update our sorry infrastructure and in the same breath, create a slew of new jobs.  He would be crucified by the conservatives in both parties for more “reckless” spending.  So I encourage my President not to be contrite at all.  They are going to talk about him …. and oppose him …. no matter what he does.

He knows he is on the right path, but he also knows that a bit of humility is warranted at this time.  I am so (ecstatically) sure that he really is not sorry for his tenure so far.  I love it.  Thank the sun, moon and stars for all that he has done so far.

Next, Mitch McConnell stands firm that the GOP’s overwhelming goal is to get President Obama out of office.  Silly me.  I though a public servant’s goals had to do first and foremost with tending to their constituents’ needs, like jobs, education, health care, climate control and fair financial practices.  Will I never learn?  Some might call our President cocky and elitist.  I call him smart.  Now all he needs to do is get as partisan and aggressive as are the Mitch McConnells of this world.   I need to see some piss and vinegar from the President.  The following article, written by Timothy Egan for the New York Times, lays the truth perfectly on the line, by citing the larger picture of the President’s accomplishments in the financial sector:


President Obama sure as hell did save capitalism, and if he lost a significant portion of the midterm elections as a result of his vision, so be it.  Of course, to be brutally honest, one has to ask if our brand of capitalism should have been saved.  But that is a topic for another day.  As for today, President Obama most assuredly has looked out for the continuation of American prosperity and existence.  The elective “outs” will spin that path, will distort the President’s true accomplishments and do anything they have to in order to keep him as a one-termer.  All the while, they still want what we have.  Quite ironic.

President Obama has vision and is trying to break a very antiquated mind-set that we have held on to for too many years.  It is a most difficult mission, especially during hard economic times.   Watch closely, don’t believe everything you read and take note of the rising moon with the morning star right near it.  Our new dawn is still intact.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.


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