Alice: Dancing Under the Gallows

The following video is about a woman named Alice who will be 107 years old this month.  It is also the story of the power of music, optimism and love.  Alice is the oldest living Holocaust survivor and there is not one ounce of hate in her.  She survived her stay at Theresienstadt concentration camp because she could play music.  It does humanity good to hear her song.  Many thanks to my cousin Roselie for sharing this video with me and also, for her comments.  I have used her exact words  (this paragraph) because they were perfect.

No matter what arena you are in, could be politics, theology, or a million other endeavors, Alice got it right.  There is no upside to hatred.  There will always be those people who bristle at another person’s success and happiness.  Look at the contempt directed towards Nancy Pelosi.  She is emblematic not only of great success in her leadership job, but also of the fact that her success magnifies the shortcomings of those who oppose her.   We all have come into contact with people who are happy only when bad things happen to other people.  This is due to an inadequacy within them; they find personal fulfillment in the pain of others rather than investing themselves with a more optimistic and generous outlook.  Instead of looking inwards to better their own lives, they look  outward and lash out at others.  The misery is really not about you; it is about them.  Move on.  To be happy is the best antidote we have.  Enjoy your life.

Alice has.


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    Alice is so adorable…her story awe inspiring…as is her music…your cousin Roselie did get it right with her succinct words…

  2. amy lilley Says:

    ps…I’ve seen this on FB…just posted from the page of a gifted young woman who works in Mom’s building…

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