Bush/Cheney: Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose

Stunning.  Simply shocking.  Why hasn’t the media and above all, my loyal readers, picked up on this?

I have been in Maine for the week with little exposure to the news.  I happened to catch about ten minutes of Matt Lauer’s interview with George W. Bush, upon the publication of his new book.  I was astounded at Bush’s appearance.  He was slouched in his chair, clearly a defensive exhibit of body language.  His overall aura was one of defeat and depression.  I know that I am a totally visual person but come on!  Didn’t any of you notice?  Some might attribute his appearance to being relaxed.  Not me.

There is just so much “ducking” a person can do to avoid responsibility.  I have never considered Bush to be an evil person; just lazy, intellectually limited and imbued with an upbringing of entitlement.  But evil?  No.  That part was signed over to Dick Cheney, sprinkled with a bit of Donald Rumsfeld.

Bush never assumed responsibility for his life.  Why did we expect him to do so with our country?  He treated his college years as one big party and he never full attended to his military service.  Further, instead of doing the diligence and homework required to ably fulfill the duties of the highest office in our land, he handed the details over to his VP.  Once lazy, forever so, in Bush’s case.

Perhaps the biggest crime was that Cheney knew exactly with whom he was dealing.  He absolutely knew what Bush buttons to press in order to get his agenda passed: international conflict based on lies, national business deregulation to benefit the “insiders” of corporate America and an insidious manipulation of social policies to fill in any holes that the economic policies might have missed.  Cheney is the epitome of evil and greed.  He knew Bush’s lack of intellectual discipline, so he used that weakness to play to his cronies in business.  And if conservative social policies automatically followed, that was just fine (until of course, Cheney’s daughter announced that she was gay).  Oh yes: Cheney provided the “goose factor” to Bush’s constant ducking.  There was a huge opening and Cheney grabbed it.

I remember the day John McCain introduced his running mate, Sarah Palin, to America.  The sound just happened to be totally muted on my television, but I was overwhelmed with her bravado, her “here I am ” attitude and her aggressive demeanor.  That was with the sound off.  Then I turned up the volume.  Her blowsy, crass and intellectually empty language stunned me further.  Palin presents an attractive exterior package as she is a truly beautiful woman.  But I cringe just waiting for her to open up her mouth.  What proceeds to come out of her mouth is so un-beautiful, crude, unintelligible and downright mean.

This is the same severity with which Bush’s appearance hit me during his interview with Lauer.  What you see is what you get.  For a man raised in the arms of privilege, wealth and endless opportunity, he is still suffering from a sense of inferiority.  And why not?  He never really tried to better himself, to pull himself up by the boot straps and advance his mind.  This supposed “man of the people” is what America wanted and embraced.  Then Cheney used it to his own advantage.  Sinful.

Both Bush and Cheney tried to soften their violent policies and practices by offering a  mantra of patriotism and ultra-conservative morality.  Neither man was moral: Bush because he was too lazy and Cheney because he only wanted the power and money.

Here we are two years later.  Bush presents himself as a person who is more to be pitied than censured, still ducking the truth.   Cheney is on his last legs with end-stage heart disease.  Fortunately, he is unable to goose anyone anymore.  I have read that he needs a new heart.  Coulda fooled me.


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3 Responses to “Bush/Cheney: Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Haven’t read your whole blog but just to get a quick kudos in …FABULOUS point about his body language SLOUCHED!! absolutely observant and i missed that, I concentrate more on what is coming OR NOT coming out of his idiot mouth..that STUPID macho defensive way he has of expressing himself…and when he talked about the fact that he wasn’t a “walking on my knees drunk” I thought I would smash something into the TV set.. What was I supposed to say OH GEE thank god at least you weren’t a “walking on his knees” DRUNK???? This is our PRESIDENT?? This is what the white people of this nutty country want???

    I need to read the rest and I will comment. He wouldn’t be worth a comment except that he killed THOUSANDS and I put 9/11 at his cowboy boots feet too. I CURSE the day his mother had sex and put that moron into our life.

  2. NatalieR Says:

    Ill say Cheney needs a new heart in more ways than one. These men do NOT care about the American people. They care about themselves and how much they can milk the system. The American people though time and time and time again fall for IDIOTS. Ignorance and academic paucity is to be lauded in some sections of this country. The Republicans had and still do have a strategy. SO many have NO idea they are being played like a violin until that violin comes to bite them in the posterior. Let’s hope Cheney departs this earth before a new heart becomes available. You just KNOW Cheney would take an available heart away from a baby if he could and the fortune he has accumulated on our backs could allow him do that. Republicans hate big government? I think not as they use it for all the lucrative contracts government can send their way!

    Cheney just MAY get a new heart but he will NOT get with it the empathy gene he has lacked his entire life no matter how many hearts he gets!

  3. NatalieR Says:

    One more thing to say you TOTALLY hit the nail on the head: Read this lovely thing: Bush’s BOOK SHAMELESSLY PLAGIARIZED


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