The Grizzly Apprentice

Welcome to the greatest show on earth!!!  We have performing animals, freaks of nature but above all, we have clowns!

Sarah Palin, in her new book, has ripped into Levi Johnston for his taking advantage of the Palin’s family renown after McCain chose our Sarah as his running mate.  Further, she condemns the press (what better strategy is there, really, to excuse the crassness of the Palin’s behavior?) by adding that “It was disgusting to watch as his fifteen minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid.”  Here’s the entire, though brief, report.  You gotta read it:

Hold on.  Wait just a sec.  Johnston was a “lost kid” who nonetheless used the Palin family’s celebrity to benefit himself?  What do you call Sarah’s reality show?  What do you label Bristol’s participation in “Dancing With the Stars?”  How would you typify Willow’s classy comments on Facebook ?  Silly me.  I suppose Sarah’s, Bristol’s and Willow’s media endeavors are just so much more admirable and noble than Johnston’s.  Clowns, all of them.

Now Donald Trump has made himself available for one of the three circus rings come our next Presidential election.  It is amazing in and of itself that the usual three rings will actually be sufficient after the Palin family usurps so many of them.  Anyway, the Donald has said that if Palin runs in 2012, he just might have to jump in the ring (if any are available) and run against her on the Republican ticket.  Imagine: Trump the savior.  It is like the blind leading the blind.  Another clown, the Donald.

Life is stranger than any fiction.  These clowns might morph into the Mama Grizzly and The Apprentice, AKA The Grizzly Apprentice.  Need I say more?

Send in the clowns!

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