Put the Wars On Hold

Here we go again.  This time in North Korea.  Lest some of you call me an “ugly American”, as one of my readers on DailyKOS did (I totally anticipated that call from that site), let me offer further explanation of my post from yesterday, “No More Posturing: Stand Up Straight, America”.

I do not consider myself xenophobic.  However, there are limits to everything, including entering into wars abroad, tearing down that country and then using our funds to rebuild it.  Pray tell: what is the point  of responding to provocative behavior from other countries if the cost, in terms of American lives and capital, will be the downfall of our own country?  What good is it to defend freedom and justice abroad if the ultimate result is the disintegration of such ideals at home?

After so many forays into nation-building elsewhere, we just might wind up having nothing to defend or save at home.  Limits: there is a tipping point from which there will be no turning back.  I believe that for our own domestic survival, we have reached that limit.  Obviously, the empty-headed GOP feels differently.  John McCain said yesterday that there needs to be a “regime change” in North Korea.  Wait: wasn’t that the fall back explanation to our entry into the Iraq war, after the WMD logic turned out to be a lie?  The leadership in North Korea is dangerous and vile, but as for a regime change, that is not our responsibility.

Additionally, how can that moron Sarah Palin offer comments on foreign policy in Korea?  Her gaffe of saying that we need to support our allies in North Korea aside, can you imagine a mind like hers, a fixation like hers on public notoriety, her lack general intellectual capability and her carelessness in conveying that emptiness, all point to the blind leading the blind.  And yet, McCain (in the same article cited above) praised Palin because she is such a “visible” force in American politics.  Hell: Spongepants Bob and Mickey Mouse also have incredible visibility.  Should they be considered viable Presidential leaders?

As for my harsh words for China in its lack of action to the Korean aggression, I could care less if they sit on their fake communist, real capitalist asses in this matter.  What I do resent is China’s call for “meetings” on the Korea situation with the implication that countries other than themselves, i.e. the warmongering United States with the seemingly endless military capacity (false), do the dirty work.  This cartoon by Mike Keefe says it all:

Mike Keefe Editorial Cartoon Dealing with North Korea

So call me whatever names you want.  I am too old to let it bother me.   Just remember: everything in moderation.  No, wait: skip that moderation business.  Once we have declared war, moderation has no place.  We need to initially prioritize those international issues that demand our attention and then weigh the risks and rewards to our own domestic situation BEFORE we enter the firefight.  Our war activities need to be limited immediately, or else we will have no country left to defend.  There will be nothing left over which to “save face” except an empty shell of a country populated with the  frail and sick, the uneducated, the jobless, subsisting in a decrepit, ravaged nation with no means of recuperation.

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