Government Stalemate:An Opening for Even Worse

I understand that different viewpoints exist.  I even appreciate learning about them and believe that opposing positions offer a healthy venue for real progress.  Our current government (its structure or content, or both?) is in a perennial standoff with itself.  This stalemate can open the door for an even more unsavory, destructive path.

Here is what I do not get.  Regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts, the continuation of unemployment benefits, the repeal of DADT and almost any other issue facing our President and Congress today, no action, i.e. the burying of their heads in holes, is the chosen strategy by most of our lawmakers.  Given the choice of asserting one’s ideology and legislating for their constituents, these fakers are choosing to do nothing, except to play power games for the sake of their own jobs.  Posturing is the name of the game and stasis is the end result.

For the life of me, I just want to understand President Obama’s rationale behind his unwillingness to take a vocal, determined stand to push through the agenda on which he campaigned.  Some say that he never had the experience necessary to fulfill his role as President.  Other naysayers chime in that he is all hot air and pretty talk, but does not have the stomach for real action.  Neither of these accusations hold water for me.  I need a better answer.  Something is out of whack.  I just cannot figure out what it is.

The New York Times editorial called this malaise a “deficit of purpose”. Sounds reasonable to me, yet I think there is more to it.  Andrew Sullivan offers up kudos for the President and labels his behavior as “pragmatism” and “the great compromise”.  I am not too sure about that analysis either.  It truly would be loverly to have our leaders get along and enact bills that actually serve the people, instead of concentrating on the power games that enrich only the lawmakers themselves.  So why are our elected officials seemingly avoiding carrying out the duties of their jobs?  And why is President Obama, a man who offered up so much hope for change, playing along?  I need some answers here.

Tell me that the President is really more conservative than he let on.  Fine.  Tell me that he is not all that he was cracked up to be as a progressive.  Fine.  Tell me that above all, he wants to bring civility and bi-partisanship back to Washington.  Fine.  Yet, I still feel as if any and all of these explanations are not complete.  Can you help me out here?

Unfortunately, I could even accept the argument that this is politics as usual.  However, the possible fallout from this vacuum of power on both sides is what scares me silly.  The resulting power vacuum would allow a Sarah Palin or another extremist a very large opening.  While the Democrats pussyfoot around the issues and the GOP obstruct all suggestions, even compromises, both mainstream parties are digging themselves quite a hole out from which they might find it impossible to eventually creep.  My constant derision of Palin is an effort to effect some countermeasure to the dithering, dallying and downright deficit of productive actions by the powers that be.  I am so frustrated by the do-nothings in Congress that my only recourse is to diss the extremist upstart that might take it all in 2012.

Editorial writers warn the progressive left to let up on our negative fixation on Sarah Palin.  I understand Charles M. Blow’s Op-Ed describing Palin as an empty shell of a leader who only gains momentum in her political ambitions when we criticize her.  She is substituting her incompetence as the antidote to the stalemate in Washington.  This is exactly her argument, i.e. that the press and Obama-suckered public attack her even though her inexperience, dull-wittedness, Grizzly Mama persona and spotlight-seeking goal are the antithesis of what a leader should be.  Palin twists the story to prove that her “qualities” are the qualities of a real leader.  Thus, Blow believes that we should ignore Palin entirely, thereby not giving credence to her upside-down theories of leadership.

After George Bush the First fulfilled his four years as President, the CIA’s headquarters  was renamed the George Bush Center For Intelligence.  What an oxymoron that title was.  Then, his son, George Bush II served as Commander-in-Chief for eight years.  His tenure made his father seem like a genius.  Now imagine if Palin ever got elected President.  Her administration would make Bush II seem like the second coming of Albert Einstein.  So this is my fear: morons are succeeded by even bigger morons, until we become dangerously immune to stupidity.  Everything is relative and if our existing governmental and political structure becomes useless, our future leaders, possibly as incompetent, personally ambitious and empty-headed as Palin, will fill that leadership gap with extremism.  The biggest gaffe that Palin made was to quit her job as Governor of Alaska.  The stars were aligned for her all-encompassing ambition and don’t you know, she took it and ran with it, claiming that she was quitting so she could “help” all of America instead of just Alaskans.

Me?  I scare much easier than Blow.  I am open to all sides of an issue.  But for heaven’s sake, I need some substance.  The avoidance of passage of new and needed laws cannot be supplanted by a lethargy for the benefit of political advancement.  I am good with opposing laws.  I am great with those laws that I support.  What I am not good with is nothingness.  And that is precisely what we have now.  And, as a result, here is what we might have in the future.  Along with the strangest animals on earth, check out the very rare (not rare enough, in my book) Right-Wing Dingbat:


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One Response to “Government Stalemate:An Opening for Even Worse”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    FABULOUS opinion. I could not agree with you more and you said it SO well!! It truly is this NOTHINGNESS that is just absolutely mind exploding. As you know all too well I have been less than thrilled with the administration. But that is not why I post this. I try, too, to put some rhyme or reason to the lack of passionate direction that I saw SO much of during the campaign.

    Here is my take in short form: I think most of all the president wants his legacy to be one of reconciliation and bipartisanship. I do think even though the American public can be SO sadly intellectually lacking that they do see a president who truly TRIES to play it cool and TRIES to tone down the anger. Personally, as part of the Obama base I do NOT like the kow towing to Republican politics and not taking a firm stand. BUT I am NOT representative of ALL those in the middle. All those independents to whom a reasoned rational aura appeals.

    I think the president is counting on that. He is counting on his cool calculating self to appeal much more broadly than someone screaming from the left. I think most see the hand he was dealt. And too what I think he is savoring is a Sarah Palin being the Republican choice. Many today in Republican land are shaking in their pants actually coming out and saying things against her. They see her as not being able to win and statistics are already showing that.

    Some in this land are utterly moronic I will give you that but I do not think that the majority even in the electoral college would elect her. Case in point: Today on MSNBC Hardball there was a shot of Palin in hunting gear with two guys. She had a rifle and there was a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS big miraculous ELK on a hill. She took aim and pulled the trigger and killed that magnificent animal. I became physically ill and thought I was going to throw up.

    Some love that utter disgusting insanity but MOST do not. Women ESPECIALLY do not. If she runs that will be shown over and over and over again. It is utterly sickening and although I am an unabashed liberal am not the only one to see that as the metaphor of Palin. It is Palin personified and it’s not pretty but it is pretty UGLY.

    Okay, I am not a meat eater but those who do try to remove themselves from what it takes to kill the animal. Doesn’t mean it is not obnoxious it is but the essence of us as a country does not like to see that happen even though we are a nation of meat eaters — after we buy it dyed red in a package. Most do NOT like to see the killing of a sentient being for sport.

    If I am wrong and some how she pulls this out, I TRULY will either take a bottle of pills or head for the border. I do NOT want my money to go to that rancid swill excuse for a human being. She is madness and to elect her is national suicide. I do NOT think that will happen but I bet in the White House they are licking their lips hoping the Bambi killer will be the 2012 Republican choice!

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