When my son, daughter,  her significant other and  my nephew blessed us with their presence during the Thanksgiving weekend, I brought up an interesting proposition.  My question was: if you could bring back to life any person that has passed, who would you choose?  I must admit, the conversation did not go much further than that, mainly because we were starved and Thanksgiving dinner was on the table.

However, I have given this question much thought.  Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the death of John Lennon.  He is a top choice of mine to bring back to life.  His creative instinct, that expressed the hope of the day, was inspiring.  I miss him and despite his output during his life, I miss what could have been.

Another person who could have had quite an impact on all of us was Eleanor Roosevelt.  Perhaps it is not fair to take a prominent person from one era and implant her/him in our present era.  I think her goodness and intelligence would have been valued in any time period.   Likewise for the physicist Richard Feynman.  His humor , his knowledge and his penchant for teaching would have been an asset at any time in history.  How about the avant-garde artists Basquiat and Keith Haring?  Surely, should they have lived, they would be mainstream artists today.  A curse or a blessing?  Ah:  what could have been!  Let us not forget Freddy Mercury.  What a voice!  I could go on and on about what could have been.  Who would be your choices?

Of course, within our own personal lives, there are those who have passed who were not “famous.”  A good friend and neighbor lost her son about seven years ago in a devastating car accident.  He was only in his twenties.  No parent should have to lose a child; that is the ultimate loss.  In a heartbeat, I would love to bring that young man, on the cusp of personal fulfillment and productivity, back to us.

Above all, I would love to have my parents back.  Isn’t imagination grand?


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  1. Patricia perle Says:

    Bonnie: Oh how lucky we are to have our precious memories and to IMAGINE what might have been. Thank you for remembering our loving
    Your friend,Pat

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