The Moose, the Massacre and the Miscreant

Ya’ gotta read Aaron Sorkin’s take on Our Sarah’s annihilation of that moose.  Her purpose had nothing to do with self-sufficiency or a desire to stock up her freezer.  Nor did it have to do with money, i.e. promoting her reality show on, who would ever believe it, the Learning Channel.  This specimen of the wild was slaughtered for personal power enhancement and political gain.  As usual, Our Sarah has twisted her rogue message into a treatise on presenting the outrageous as the gold standard for decent, real American behavior:

Sorkin’s comparison to Michael Vick is spot on.  That moose had more relevance, true innocence and majesty than Our Sarah could ever hope to muster.

My response?  A simple “Fuck You” will suffice:

I heard today that the supporters of Wikileaks committed cyber-tage and erased Palin’s entire website.  Too bad they couldn’t make Our Sarah go “Poof” like they did that website.  Where is Julian Assange when we need him?  Our dear Sarah: disappear.  Just vanish.  Go back to your fake wilderness , face the flora and fauna and see who the real weakling is.  Poof, Palin, POOF!


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