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I posted yesterday’s thoughts on my diary on the DailyKOS site.  Very fast and furiously, over 250 comments poured in.  The vast majority tore President Obama, and me, to shreds.  Read for yourself:

I fought back hard (well, what did you expect?).  I decided to post a follow-up response to all of the KOS readers’ venom and vitriol.  Some KOS responders have informed me that the current purpose of that website is a tool solely for Obama-bashing.  Whatever.  The KOS readers stun me by their lack of:  historic perspective, maturity, appreciation for the complexity of governing and above all, their need to destroy our best hope for the future thereby dooming him, his party and thus, us, in the next election.  Here is my response:

DailyKOS readers really laced into me yesterday in response to my post on President Obama’s successful week.  Their overriding attack was on my use of the term “traitorous” to describe President Obama’s supposed allies.  I stand by my choice of words and the meaning behind that usage.  The huge and overwhelmingly negative response my diary received yesterday confirms my observations that President Obama’s base allies are unreasonably hammering his every move.  To what end?

I am not a policy wonk.  If you are looking for policy facts and figures in great detail, you will not find them in my diaries.  I am first and foremost a mother.  I read a lot and write my opinion pieces to try and effect change for our children and their children.  Period.  Thus, I usually speak in generalities, although I do try and present relevant examples for my thoughts.

Allow me to cite an example of President Obama’s pledge to do right, although he is still getting torn apart for his efforts.  Case in point: the repeal of DADT.  There is no other issue that has punched me in my gut as has this one.  The President is trying to have this repeal executed by our lawmakers, the Congress.  Just like his insistence that HCR go through Congressional channels for passage, so he is relying on our lawmakers to open the door to equality and justice for our military.  Sure: he could issue an executive order to repeal DADT, or perhaps even let the court system make the decision.  However, just as with HCR, the President knows that if a bill is enacted by Congress, the new law will have much deeper legs, much more staying power than a law passed by executive order or the courts.  Furthermore, he asked Defense Secretary Gates and the Pentagon for their opinion and he is respecting their suggestions: definitely repeal DADT, but through a Congressional act.  In this way the validity of the repeal will be more valid and it also will provide the military with the preparation time that is necessary to make administrative changes to institute the repeal.  In order to bring his foresight into reality, time and patience are a necessity.  It will pay off in the end.  History has shown us that once a new law is passed by Congress, it hardly ever is repealed.  It may get tweaked and finessed, but not repealed.

For those of you, and on KOS that would be the vast majority, who blast away at President Obama, I have only one question: who are you going to vote for in the next Presidential election?  Romney?  Huckabee?  Newt?  Our Sarah?  If your answer is the Democratic candidate, perhaps Obama, then what is your rationale in tearing his tenure, so far, to shreds?  You are dooming your own party to defeat.

That is the rationale behind my use of the term “traitorous”.  It is a widespread American characteristic to elevate public figures to hero status.  In the next breath, it is even more typical to demote them to goat status.  That appears to be the case of the DailyKOS site as well.  People, people: isn’t there any other way you can get fulfillment other than destroying the man you elected?

For Heaven’s sake, work with the man.  Do offer up constructive criticism, but please stop the annihilation.  Your words are just going to turn around and bite you in the ass come November 2012.  You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

There are no redeeming qualities to your vitriol.  Governing is totally different from campaigning, and promises made but not totally delivered are the best we can hope for.  Certainly your maturity, life experience and reading of history has made that as plain as day, no?  Perhaps it is time to mature, to accept a partial victory rather than total defeat.  This is the reality of President Obama’s world.  Certainly you can show some appreciation for the complexities of his job and gratitude for what he has done so far.  If you have any doubt, I once again link you to Colbert I. King’s Op-Ed in the Washington post, which includes a pretty impressive list of the President’s accomplishments so far.  This time, really read it:

For the liberal/progressive naysayers on DailyKOS, I urge you to put your money where your mouths are.  Since your cups are perennially half empty as opposed to half full, please tell me how your total condemnation of President Obama is helping your cause.  Remember this: yes, we can.  Yes, we did.  And yes, we’re gonna still.  But how about a little more help and support from his own titular allies, instead of behavior that is more reflective of spoiled babies seeking immediate and 100 per cent gratification?

Then …. tell me this (only one word answers): please: who would you vote for in the next Presidential election?  To make it even more interesting, tell me your choice assuming that Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate.  Then tell me your choice if someone else was.

Please, please respond to my question and demonstrate to me that you are actually FOR someone (anyone!) rather than against everyone.  Make believe I am from Missouri: show me.  Thanks.

So …. if you are brave enough to want to read comments to TODAY’S DailyKOS diary, here’s the link:

I’ll bet you ten to one there will be very few one word answers to the question that I posed!


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    your daily kos readers should know that yomama is a prophet disguised as as one who loves to vacuum…

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