Knock, Knock ….

…… Who’s there?  Is anyone listening?

On Sunday evening, “60 Minutes” did an interview of Rep. John Boehner, who will take over as Speaker of the House in just a few weeks.  I did not tune in to watch his masterful performance, but have since read about it.  Boehner’s stated dedication to the American dream as a result of his tough upbringing fell flat to me.   Here’s why: the supposed American dream is meaningless unless people are afforded the opportunity, the tools, to pursue that dream.  Some “musts” in that pursuit include education, health care and equal rights.  My lack of empathy for Boehner also stems from his refusal to compromise.  Our nation was built upon a Constitution that was written based on compromise, so his directive for “no compromise”, as expressed in his teary-eyed mission statement, is pure showmanship:

“And while expressing an interest in “common ground,” Boehner refused to entertain the idea of compromise. “I reject the word,” he said. Elsewhere in the interview, Boehner added, “I made it clear I am not gonna compromise on my principles, nor am I gonna compromise the will of the American people.”

Didn’t the media, his political opponents or any talking heads catch Boehner’s boner?  No matter how sincere he may have appeared, he is just plain full of hot air.  When he vowed not to “compromise the will of the American people”, he left out a large part of that generalization.  Namely, in the United States of America, the electorate is just about evenly divided between the two major parties.  Thus only HALF of Americans are politically on Boehner’s side.  He can cry all he wants in his battle to defend us; only 50% of Americans want his no-compromise defense.  He can take his fake nobility and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Furthermore, the “60 Minutes” of today is a far cry (ha!) from the show of twenty years ago when Mike Wallace and Dan Rather showcased their doggedness and determination to get the truth out there.  Why didn’t Lesley Stahl call Boehner on his statement that he would never compromise the will of the American people?  She fell for his misrepresentation of “American people” as ALL Americans being in his corner, which we are not.  Wallace and Rather would have never let that slide.

So hold the tears and tissues.  Save them for the next time you are slicing onions.  Boehner and Stahl used each other the other night for their own narcissistic, career-advancing purposes.  They deserve each other.

Boehner is crying in his soup, all the while bullying our citizens with grand, sweeping statements.  And they love it.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  No one.  Absolutely no one is paying attention.


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3 Responses to “Knock, Knock ….”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Please go onto the Sixty Minutes web site and cut and past your opinion into it. YOU ARE 150% correct and in some subliminal portion of my dull brain which was admittedly being seduced by the piece of drek’s tears I thought that too. The American people this and the American people that…he wouldn’t know the American people if he tripped over them!

    Further, as I finally put my reality thinking cap on, I would have said if I were the corporate lackey Stahl how do you really KNOW the American people. Uhhh EXCUSE me you dullard I THOUGHT the American people elected Barack Obama DECIDEDLY…so then the American people are what only a mirage for Boner? (Yes, I know the spelling is wrong but Al Franken used to call him that on Air America and its a good euphemism doncha think?)

    I have heard and read things about this guy’s stability and that is he does NOT have much of it. Someone brought out the fact that the guy only cried when he was talking about HIMSELF. Yes, you are right narcissim anyone?

    Allow me a little armchair psychiatry errr well make that gossip without any proof. He is a public political persona. He opens himself up to it. MY viscera is telling me SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN BONER’S DENMARK. Crying is one thing but at the drop of a hat and usually only about himself is something else.

    I would LOVE to ask this JERK IF he has been through a 12 step AA program. I have read things about him that says he can be found often in the local bar near Congress. AhHAA MAYBE THAT’S why he is crying because now as Speaker he will be given 24/7 attention. Someone WILL take notice that he might be a drunk!

    I notice too body language. And it’s the body language of his wife I noticed. There was no hand holding, no hugs, no gentility from her. Okay a lot of marriages have problems and a lot of couples do not hold hands BUT I wondered about the unsympathetic body language of her. He had PLENTY Of tears for both of them as she had NONE even when he had a lot.

    Another speculation: Boner loved Teddy Kennedy. That’s nice though isn’t it even though they were politically polar opposites? Hey I LOVED Teddy Kennedy despite his obvious personal flaws which were hard to swallow but I BET the reason Boner liked him so much was that Kennedy was known to tip a few too many and maybe Boner could connect with him on that as they slogged their way through two, three or four in the late OR early afternoon. Kennedy of course was unfortunately KNOWN for more and we know what the more was.

    Maybe THAT’S why Boner’s wife was a little bit chilly. She KNOWS about her husbands flaws and is not too keen about them or HIM. Now what is she going to do when cameras are on him and HER 24/7. I can hardly wait. Then again our do NOTHING press will just let anything scurrilous pass. Would they if it were Michelle and Barack OR Nancy Pelosi — to use Boner’s oft quoted words “HELL NO!” Barack cannot even have his wedding band fixed and off his finger without getting questions about marital problems by the press. Let’s see if the press is an equal opportunity employer. My guess is NO!

    You might say WHO cares. Well, I do. I would NOT want my president, my senator or rep and my House Speaker to not have full cerebral capacity. Remember McGovern’s first pick for VP — Eagelton? Eagelton was dropped like a rock from the ticket because someone found out he was hospitalized for depression. I thought at the time that was so unfair. I think differently now. Being one heart beat away from the presidency means you CANNOT have psychological maladies like that because the black box that could annihilate the world is close by. Boner will be TWO heartbeats away when he is speaker. Excuse me if I would like a psychologically intact or as REASONABLY intact as possible. Prime example: The drunk Bush. I rest my case!

  2. NatalieR Says:

    One more quote which was on Huffington by someone who knows about alcoholism and it said and I quote: “He’s in the maudlin progressio­n of alcoholism­. It’s not unusual for them to go through a kind of manic depressive state as denial of alcoholism becomes impossible to deny and self pity alternates with denial.”

  3. NatalieR Says:

    and yet another story see link: I’m just sayin. I would like my Speaker two heartbeats away not to have significant issues or even rumors of them. Here’s another site to chew on:

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