Please Pipe, Don’t Burst!

So what about our Congress letting any and all legislation siphon down to the last two weeks before a recess?  What the F*#@ do they do during the rest of the session?  As if our stress level isn’t high enough with the trials and tribulations of daily living, they have to bring any new bills down to the wire.  I have everything crossed, i.e. my fingers, my legs and my eyes, that the vote in the Senate to repeal DADT passes.  Ditto for the START bill.  But damn, it’s that DADT repeal that just hits me in my gut.

Politics aside, I have bigger problems much closer to home.  This afternoon, I discovered that the sinks in the laundry room area and those in the bathroom directly a floor above, were not producing hot water, and the flow was a mere trickle.  Got on the horn and the diagnosis is a frozen pipe.  Mind you, NOT a burst pipe ….. yet.  The plumber is coming tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, I have verified the main turnoff for the water (just in case) and I have the faucets in the culprit sinks running with the cabinet doors open to let in heat.  I would readily trade a burst pipe, a flooded house, for the repeal of DADT.  The House already voted for the repeal, and the affirmation comes up for the vote tomorrow in the Senate.

Pray for me.  I do not react sanely to catastrophes that entail water.



When scared, cook a poison delicious cake:


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