DADT has been repealed in the United States of America.  In this year, 2010, it is amazing to me how hard and long we still have to fight to assert our human rights and our civil rights, which were granted over 200 years ago by our Constitution.

I am dragging a bit today, so I will let Andrew Sullivan speak for me.  He has felt this battle in the very core of his being and his heartfelt response, though editorially understated, makes us sense the depth of this historic legislation:

Then, for more on the people who (surprisingly) helped pass this act and the political maneuverings that were used, read further down on Sullivan’s website:

Who would have ever thought that Senator Joseph Lieberman would rise to the occasion of justice and fairness?  Certainly his good buddy Senator John McCain crapped out on those basic issues of life in America.  It was Lieberman who got this vote as a stand-alone issue (since the military bill was voted on already), back on the Senate floor.  He had a lot of help from Senators Harry Reid and Susan Collins.

Long time coming.  If you think putting a man on the moon was a “giant step for mankind”, consider this legislation as another effort to validate the word “mankind”.




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  1. EGR Says:

    It’s about freakin’ time!

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