And a Cockamamie Merry to You!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and send along some funny gaffes, ironies and bits of entertainment.

That modern model of a statesman in action, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, spoke against the START treaty with wisdom so deep that his words went beyond ironic:

Senator Jeff Sessions said Obama’s goal of a nuclear-free world was “cockamamie” and called for a rejection of the treaty.

“I think the whole world would see the Senate action (rejection of the treaty) as a resurgence of America’s historical policy of peace through strength and a rejection of a leftist vision of a world without nuclear weapons,” Sessions said.

Can you imagine a world without nuclear weapons?  Isn’t that a ridiculous proposition?  Imagine: lessening the numbers of earth-destroying weapons instead of using them and maintaining their efficacy (at great cost, not to mention the tension) as a means of attaining peace?  We need those weapons.  Nuclear determent is so much better than not having these weapons on hand.  Silly, cockamamie idea.  Wait: isn’t the best way to have ultimate determent to destroy these arms?  Forgive me: what do I know anyway?  I am no marvel of a senator, just a mama.  Who the hell wants world peace anyway?  It is much more beneficial to live on the edge of nuclear disaster, all the while stressing over whether or not a terrorist will be able to get his hands on one of these weapons.  Oh yeah: that Senator Sessions is some kind of visionary.

Talking about self-styled visionaries, we need to check in with our Sarah.  It appears her numbers pointing to a credible run for the Presidency in 2012 are not looking so hot.  Who would have thunk it?  Even our national treasure, Oprah, has chimed in that she “believes in the intelligence of the American people.”  I wonder how Oprah would explain Palin’s election as Governor of Alaska or her swift rise to fame in the last two years?  Better safe than sorry.  But let’s keep on laughing to ease the possible pain:

Sarah Palin gets on the horn.

“Hi.  This is Sarah Palin.  Is Senator Lieberman in?”

“No, Governor.  This is Yom Kippur.”

“Well, hello Yom.  Can I leave a message?”

So a tres merry day to you tomorrow.  Lavish love on those dearest to you.  Above all, laugh!


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2 Responses to “And a Cockamamie Merry to You!”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Confederate loving, White Citizen’s Counsel joiners, bomb throwing Republican human killing party are detestable.

    Maybe someone can stick a nuclear bomb up Session’s *&^% .. I won’t say it but you get my drift. Just kidding … of course! Of course.

  2. amy lilley Says:

    I hope you are treated to such merry-making on your yet to come adventure…merry to you…XXXXXXX

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