“F” is for “Fucked”; “P” is For “Palin”

And the Sarah Palin Carnival continues.  Today she tried her very best to explain her “refudiate” gaffe.  The explanation was worse than the actual mistake.

Dumb is dumb, stupid is stupid and a liar is a liar.  It is not acceptable for her to have “accidentally” pressed the “F” button instead of the “P” button on her keyboard.  You know why?  Pull out your keyboards and have a look: the “F” key is nowhere near the “P” key.  It is six spaces to the left and one row down.  Those two letters are not anywhere in the vicinity of each other.

Our Sarah is just a dumb ass.  However, her lame comments followed by even more pathetic corrective explanations does serve her first and foremost objective: to remain in the media’s limelight.  Has she no pride?  No.  As long as that public attention translates into money in her pocket, she would eat shit.  She has shown no effort to expand her mind and her knowledge of relevant policy.  Yet, she is very attentive to defending her many gaffes.  After all, she is just a hockey mom.  Well, honey, I do not want a hockey mom running my country.  The principal element that I object to is not the hockey mom status; it is the fact that she is a stupid, greedy hockey mom.  And while we are at it, I am very doubtful of the term “mom” when applied to our Sarah.

That “F” key is NOWHERE near that “P” key.



2 Responses to ““F” is for “Fucked”; “P” is For “Palin””

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I agree with everything you said. I cannot calculate the degree of disgust I have for that woman. She makes my skin crawl. I cannot even call her “our” anything. She is surely not MY Sarah as a matter of fact I do not know why she is ANYONE’S Sarah. (forgive the caps but they are testament to how strongly I loath that piece of sh&^!

    She has been a curse placed on this nation by a feeble, possibly partially demented John McCain who did and still does do anything but put his “country first.”

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