Mr. Hyman Titled: Happy New Year!

I do not have Wifi where I am: in the rolling hills of California about an hour north of San Diego.  As a result, no photos today as I only know how to do that technology stuff on my own computer.  Nevertheless, I just had to log on to wish you all a happy and heathy New Year.  The pictures will follow next week.

I have had a great week in SoCal with my oldest and dearest friends.  You know the sort: it doesn’t much matter how many years it has been since you last saw each other because as soon as you are together again, it is like you had never been separated.

So with good times, old memories and new experiences to add to the overall picture, let me tell you a funny story for the New Year.  My in-laws, during the course of their lives, lived, loved and went out to dinner, just like any other American family.  My father-in-law ran a clothing factory and it could be stressful at times.  So from time to time, after work, when he and my mother-in-law would head out to dinner, my father-in-law would first order a nice, big drink, followed by a nice big steak or Italian dish.  My mother-in-law would look at him across the table, and he would announce, “What?  I worked hard.  I’m entitled.”  So my mother-in-law, in all of her fantastic humor, dubbed him “Mr. Hyman Titled.”

May the New Year find you working very hard and playing  just as strenuously.   May fulfillment and happiness be your shadow this year.  And may Mr. Hyman Titled be your guiding light.


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