Cali Picture Show

Neutra Place.

Chihuly flowers all aglow. Chihuly flowers aglow.

Nickel buffalo head.

Nicholls' buffalo.

Stick anything in the ground in California ---- it grows.

Bird of paradise.

Big feet, HUGE heart.

Happiness swing.

Impressionist pelicans.

The Board of Directors.

Chairmen .....

..... of the .....

..... Board.

Beauteous bark.


A perfectly fitted pipe.

The Salk Institute.

More wonder from Louis I. Kahn, my architect.

Concept in concrete.

A new friend at Salk.

Temecula sunrise.

California cutie.

And a great time was had by all!


One Response to “Cali Picture Show”

  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Many years ago (MANY) when I was young my mother said to me “Natalie, you and I are going to Hollywood.” Promises promises … needless to say I did not quite make it BUT she was right when she waxed effusive about the beauty that is California. Most especially she loved the palm trees which reminded her of Tahiti.

    The wonders just within our country alone give one pause to appreciate the grandiosity of it all and the gift given to us because we were the few selected to cast our eyes upon the earth’s wonders and gaze in awe!

    The odds of our being here to appreciate it were slim and the evolution of man’s genius slimmer still. We should, but often do not, give thanks every day for the privilege of living in a place that allows us to grab the time to give thanks and to try to understand the complexity of our earth as best we can!

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