The Puppy is Eleven

January 6, one of the best days EVER.

Castine, my puppy love, is turning eleven today.  The life span of large dogs is not that great, so I am grateful for her longevity so far.  I celebrate her existence, her peacefulness, her loyalty and undying validation of life.  She is the ultimate  eliminator of high blood pressure, of stress and of negativity.  I owe her more than I can say.  Shall we celebrate Castine’s existence?  Absolutely.

I remember the Brownies visiting here in the spring so long ago when Castine was just a pup.  How lucky were both parties to have met each other!  I remember our next door neighbor, telling us how nuts we were, now that our children were grown and off to college, that we got ANOTHER dog.  I remember how special this dog became because only two people were raising her as opposed to four (the kids).  Most of all, I remember the role this dog played when our cherished kids went out into the world to make their claim.  As much as Castine needed us, we needed her more.

Animals and children: is there no higher standard to aspire to?  I think not.  The worth of a life is how people treat these two classes of living things.  Happy birthday, Wonder Dog.

Eleven years is not so long.  Would I be greedy to ask for even half more of that?  I am asking for that.  My Castine is my serendipity, my salvation.  The last eleven years have signified so much: the kids completing their higher educations, the success of their career paths, the evolution of two human beings with worthy sets of values, the loss of two fantastic parents, the wonderful entry of Cookie into the life of Maribel (and vice-versa), the election of a President who will go into the annals of history and the daily blessings of everyday life.  Yet, I just want my Castine  to  last.  Call me crazy.  That’s how it is.  That’s my little Honey Bun.

Happy birthday, baby-baby, sweet Castine!


This post is dedicated to Daisy S.  She was a feisty Jack Russell terrier who, up until yesterday, lived to be a whopping 21 years old.  Castine, and I, should be so lucky.  RIP Daisy.


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6 Responses to “The Puppy is Eleven”

  1. sarahsouth Says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! I remember Castine the Puppy – seems like yesterday!

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      Somehow I just KNEW you would be the first person I heard from regarding this post. Thanks and love.

  2. Sarah C. Says:

    Happy Birthday Cassie! So glad I’ve known you at every stage of your life and doing all your favorite things – “playing” with your towel and doing yoga with Norm.

    Love the post Bon!

  3. NatalieR Says:

    OHHHH I wish her 11 more too! We have not had a dog in a very long time but substituted two cats. I never thought they would take the place of my wonderful Mandy and black Hound with brown eyebrows or headlights as we called them.

    Sugar, though, came into our life as a rescued Cape Cod cat at age 2 and went from us at the age of 19! We loved her more than I can say. We even gave her a middle name: Sugar Marie and her replacement (if that is possible) is another rescued Cape Cod cat Sky. We decided that Sugar would have a non Jewish middle name but keep my last Jewish name and Sky would have a Jewish middle name but keep my partner’s Yankee name. So Sky’s middle name is Rivka — after a favorite cousin Lilly’s mother and my mother’s Aunt Rivka. I know it’s complicated but it’s funny when you think about it.

    I LOVE anything on four legs! Cats are different but wonderful in their own semi independent way. It’s fun to have a baby that thinks it simply does NOT care about you … until it’s hungry that is. All animals are blood pressure lowering species to humans. They are a gift to us to make us appreciate the moment. For cats it’s the only thing they know!

    HAPPY Birthday Castine!!!

  4. EGR Says:

    Buffy and Roxie wish Castine a very happy 11th b-day. I wish you many more years together, as we had with our 15 year old Midnight. The dopey dog who was still excited and jumping (slightly) when our housekeeper came to the door, up til 2 weeks before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. As Terry (aka Mrs. G) would’ve said “Castine, bis a hunnert und zweinzig yur.” We’ll take that in human or doggy years.

  5. amy lilley Says:

    Happy Birthday to Cassie…a beautiful girl…but of course…

    who’s a good girl
    who’s a good girl????

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