And The Beat Goes On…..

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Truer words have never been written.

I will review examples of this fakery (or, as Amy Winehouse has coined it, “fuckery”) beginning with the most serious and progressing to the petty.  In a nutshell, our government will fare no better, in terms of productivity, humaneness and fiscal responsibility, this year as opposed to the last two.  The two political parties that dominate the scene are off and running to upholding their stale, die-in-the-mud beliefs.  The GOP is totally focused on undoing legislation that could help the people, i.e. health care reform.  This typical Republican stance of deconstructing government rather than helping the citizens is to be expected.  No surprise then that their first order of business will be to take away benefits.  And what of the 50 million Americans who are uninsured?  Sorry, Charlie, those are the breaks.  The individual  and his need for a safety net is peanuts compared to the deep pockets of big business and the military who must be kept fat and happy.  Thus, the GOP is going to forego help for the masses in exchange for special consideration for our corporations and warring factions.  Go Team!

The Democrats , while more sympathetic to the plight of everyday Americans, think that they can spend their way to righteousness.  This party, the one with a conscience, must rein in their goals  in order to ensure the solvency of our country.

So the beat goes on.  The Republicans  want Americans to deal with life totally on their own with no government interference or support.  The Democrats want Americans to have every opportunity for a decent life, damn the cost.  Isn’t this where we started?  And the beat goes on.

In today’s world, there is not even the pretense of decency.  The first sad fact is that there isn’t much decency left at all, and now, many public figures do not even pretend to be decent.  Everyone is out for themselves first and foremost.  Personal behavior, decorum and a responsibility for setting an example to aspire to for our younger generation seems to be off the table.

Word has it that John Edwards has proposed to Rielle Hunter.  I predicted this months ago.  I am not shocked, but I am still appalled.  And I really do not care about his sexual endeavors.  But I do feel for his two youngest kids with Elizabeth.  Imagine: having a new (step)mother just weeks after their own mother died.  People say that Edwards is “a great father”.  Gotta love it.

How many times have you heard someone comment on exactly that trait of too many people who have serially married, had new rounds of offspring with each spouse, then split and still insistent that they are great parents?  Puh-lease.  I had a friend years ago who married three times and had four kids with two of her husbands.  It took me only 20 years to realize that, despite others’ opinions that even though “she was a little nuts”, she still was “a great mother”, was totally false.  How fantastic a mother could she be if she keeps taking new husbands, dropping children into this world and then getting rid of their fathers?  Not a good mother at all.  Our modern, bastardized definition of a “good parent” is just a rationalization for bad behavior.

In John Edwards’ case, this narcissistic behavior was apparent early on.  In his career as a lawyer, his specialty was suing physicians for malpractice.  Negligence can happen and there is a need and place for this litigation.  However, the worst scenario for a liability attorney is when the patient, his client, has died.  That precludes parading the patient through the courtroom summing up all the sympathy a jury can muster.  Yes Siree: death of the plaintiff is the worst in terms of returns.  Edwards, faced with clients who had died, would channel the voices of his often, child clients, to whip up the sympathy of the jury and thus, increase the size of the settlements.  Despicable.

What in all tarnation made John Kerry choose Edwards as his running mate in 2004?  A pretty face?  Good hair? An intoxicating way with words?  Kerry should have dug deeper.  John Edwards was the preface to our generally accepted patterns of indecent behavior today.  And the beat goes on.

A couple of other examples of things staying the same follow.  They are silly, yet nonetheless indicative of “I want my Maypo” syndrome.  Remember Gwnyeth Paltrow, that academy award-winning actress who hasn’t been in a film for years now?  Do you recall that as soon as she reached the pinnacle of her career, all we heard from her was about her bodily cleansing regimens, her eating habits and her psychological states of being?  It was almost as if her need to discuss herself was an obligation to her adoring public.  Wrong.  That was HER interpretation of her fame, not our’s.  So once again, she publicly announced another of her cleansing rituals this week.  Of course, she has a new movie coming out today.  Ain’t narcissism grand?  And the beat goes on.

Last but not least, let me revisit with Christine O’Donnell.  Her campaign expenditures are now being reviewed by a federal commission.  Allegedly, she used public campaign funds to finance her living expenses.  Of course, O’Donnell has accused her accusers of being “hypocritical”.  Talking about twisting the story for a double whammy!  Dear Chrissie: do tell.  In 2009, your declared earnings, as stated on your annual tax return, was $5600.  You must be a whiz of a financial operator to manage rent, food, gasoline, etc. on such a meager amount.  Yet you insist that you did not appropriate campaign funds to help defray those costs.  Given that it is almost impossible to live on $5600 a year, I assume you had other income.  Dearie me.  Which will be worse?  To admit that you indeed spent campaign contributions for personal expenses, or to admit that you did not declare, and thus pay the appropriate taxes, on a higher income?  Public corruption or income tax evasion?  Pick your poison, Ms. Chrissiecrat.  And the beat goes on.

And Michele Bachmann is planning to run for President.  She wants what our Sarah has: money, fame and a shot of perpetuating our foolishness.  And the beat goes on.  La-dee-da-dee-dee. Lah-dee-la-dee-die.

In Amy Winehouse’s song “Me and Mr. Jones”, she croons about her “Mr. Jones”, i.e. drugs, interfering with her life: “nobody stands between me and my man, me and Mr. Jones.”  Likewise, be it the federal government, our political system, our marriage practices, our search for those fifteen minutes of fame or our need to bolster ourselves and our pocketbooks regardless of the cost to others, it appears that nothing and nobody can stand in the way of “personal fulfillment.”  What a fuckery.

And the beat goes on.


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