Banishing Palin

I am taking up Dana Milbank’s challenge: a month-long moratorium on commenting on the antics of our Sarah.

Instead of providing Palin with a public platform for her deep-seated need for recognition, the translation of which morphs into millions of dollars for her, which in turn is plowed right back into efforts to spout her venom, I will cease commenting (let’s face it —- it is unadulterated criticism) for the next 30 days.  This is going to be difficult for me and my posts probably will not be as much fun, but I am going to give it my best shot.  These little personal contests are healthy every once in a while.  Who knows?  I might benefit from the lack of conflict.  This dare just might stretch my intellectual capacity by forcing me to pay attention to targets and issues that are not such a slam-dunk.  Maybe Palin, would also take a vow of silence, and would benefit from a month’s retreat from her public presence by picking up a book or two.  So sorry: had to get in one last jab.

During the interim, I will be keeping careful track, but not posting, her public discourse.  At the end of this period, I will either inundate you with a flood of Palinisms or extend my period of peacefulness.

Dana and Yo Mama: let’s see who breaks first.  I guarantee you that our Sarah will be the first to open up her mouth about our Sarah.


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3 Responses to “Banishing Palin”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I will join you. Everything illuminating her status as town idiot has been said. Nothing more really can be said to emphasize how dangerous this idiot of idiots is to our hanging by a thread republic.

    Instead let me wax on about my hatred of corporate monopolies like, for example, Verizon. The moronic public has put into motion a filled with corporate suck up House that keeps corporate power sitting pretty and the middle class drowning in inferior goods and fraudulent money making schemes. It makes a FEW billionaires.

    Case in point. I switched from RCN to Verizon to save about 20 bucks a month. So I get an installation bill for $230. Okay i acquiesed to that. Then the salesmen told I would get a monthly bill for $116 and get everything for one year that I got with RCN and more. When you call they will say well there is a first installation charge THEN you will only get HBO for three months! Thats’ news to us. I had to go through all kinds of double talk from a customer rep who is probably getting paid 7 bucks an hour. Sure, I know it’s not their fault.

    The fault dear Brutus is in ourselves. An admonition: NEVER NEVER take salesmen’s words for anything. Examine your contract and make sure EVERYTHING is in plain sight. So now we agreed that HBO is only for three months and the rep promised I would get a bill only for $143 which is about 25 bucks less than RCN. If it is not so I will drop them like a hot frying pan and you know what? For most of my life I lived it with only three or four channels. If I have to I will DUMP cable entirely and go back to using that moldy library card!

    Cable TV and the corporatists everywhere – BAA HUMBUG!

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      Do I seem to you as an uninformed person? And imagine: I have never allowed cable into my house.

  2. amy lilley Says:

    Yomama…we have never allowed cable in our house either!!!!…I’m w/ you all the way on the Sarah moratorium…easy peesy..

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