Kudos and Catcalls: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

The absurdity of life goes on.  Recent news items have proven this, so it is time for some more kudos and catcalls.  Although catcalls abound, the events demanding kudos are much deeper and substantive.  Remember: quality over quantity.

In the catcalls column, there are plenty of opportunities for comment regarding the recent turmoil in Egypt.  Hosni Mubarak has said, regarding his immediate ouster as President, that he will “die in Egypt.”  All well and good.  He can die in Egypt.  He just shouldn’t LIVE in Egypt.  Furthermore, he should not RULE Egypt.  But die there?  Get on with it, Mubarak!

In line with those kings and dictators in the Middle East, now the head of Yemen has announced he will not run for another term.  Likewise, the King of Jordan has dismissed his government.  Mel Brooks, in “The History of the World, Part I”, said, “It is good to be King.”  Not so true today:

Catcalls to Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services for their caving in to fat, lazy Americans’ refusal to exercise.  HHS’s advice for all Americans to stand at least once a day is the epitome of “if you can’t best ’em, join ’em”:


After all, appearances are so much more important than substance.  Clearly, Americans like their fast food and find exercise to be intrusive in their daily lives.  Thus, in the hopes of spin and “winning”, HHS has lowered their standards to the absolute minimum and offered us the advice to just stand at least once a day.  Imagine: the act of getting up and walking to the bathroom (but probably in reality, heading straight to the refrigerator), just once a day now will fulfil one’s exercise requirements.  This is a regimen that every American can deliver.  Kudos to HHS for lowering their guidelines to the point of guaranteeing success? No.  Catcalls to them for diluting any sense of the word “exercise.”

Then, we can always depend on Hollywood to supply us with embarrassing behavior.  Gwyneth Paltrow has once again surfaced in the press.  She accuses the public of being “mean” to her.   Now why, especially when Americans are so busy “standing” every day, would they take the time to be nasty to our Gwynnie?  Could it be that her line of chatter on her eating habits, body cleansing practices and psychological state is totally irrelevant to the rest of us?  In the linked article, she talks about “sincerity.”  Gwynnie honey: what about SUBSTANCE?

Halle Berry has pulled out of the filming of her latest film due to a legal battle with her ex-stud muffin Gabriel Aubry for custody of their daughter.  Granted: Berry has had very bad luck in choosing her partners, her former two marriages having ended up in divorce.  Thus she has sworn off marriage.  However, when she took up with Aubry sans the rite of marriage, had a child with him, did it ever occur to her that bringing a child into this world would be a  more permanent and a longer-lasting committment than any marriage license could ever be?  Did she have any doubt that creating a baby with someone would bind her to that person for life?  I am beginning to think that her bad luck is not to blame for her misery; could she be the Queen of Stupid?  As Judge Judy says, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”  Catcalls to Berry for her selfish denial of reality.

Here’s a challenge for you: one of the items under “catcalls” is a fake.  Can you tell me which one it is?  I know: they are all so pathetic that it is hard to pick out the phony one.

On to the kudos awards.  The instances of good behavior are fewer that those deserving of catcalls, but their importance is way more substantial.  President Obama signed the START pact yesterday.  The world’s nuclear arsenals will be further reduced.  Yeah, yeah: now the limit of nuclear weapons has been reduced to about 1500 per nation.  Granted. This number is still capable of extinguishing our planet many times over.  However, the new limit is a hell of a lot better than the 30,000 or so arms that were once allowed.  Thank you, Mr. President, for following through on your campaign promise to make this a safer world for our children.

Finally, I am pleased as punch that Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I watched his interview on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday and damn, I like Assange.  His Wikileaks organization is our best weapon in our fight against corrupt elements in the military/industrial complex that is dead set on destroying our world for the benefit of their narcissistic goals.  Wikileaks is heads and tails more effective than any bomb, tear gas, war against terror, banking fraud and government coup ever was in reining in self-serving power.  Remember my post on soft power?  Well, Wikileaks provides the ammunition for fighting the forces of evil in a hands-off, saner way.  Assange has built his organization as a means of combatting political, economic and personal injustice in a way that obviates the need for lethal tactics.

In effect, Assange and Wikileaks has made the truth our best weapon.  Imagine a bank that would no longer use their selfish practices because they were scared to death of being outed by Wikileaks.  Just think of the joy when governments would have to behave and adhere to international laws, such as refrain from torture techniques and false reasons for waging wars, because they would face censure and eventual downfall if their practices were made public.  The potential mortifying embarrassment of these entities is the absolute best deterrent for the cessation of their bad behavior.  The court of public opinion is powerful, but only if the truth gets out.  Kudos of the highest degree to Julian Assange and Wikileaks for their unbridled dedication to the truth.


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  1. yomamaforobama Says:

    Kudos to Squire. You got me good! I am dumber than Mubarak, HHS, Paltrow and Berry all rolled together.

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