No Rebuilding

Dear Egyptian rioters, stalwart pro-Mubarak forces and other Egyptian citizens of any persuasion:

Please don’t damage the pyramids.
We will not rebuild.
Thank you,

The Jews

As if rebuilding wouldn’t be back-breaking, expensive and divisive enough, what with meeting all the new green standards that would have to be adhered to.  Also, imagine the mold that has built up in the pyramids over the centuries.  I know: even though the Egyptian desert climate is very dry, there is bound to be some mold that has grown in the dark chambers over the years.  Before any rebuilding could commence, that problem would have to be addressed.

Moreover, do you know how difficult it is to get a new mortgage or refinance today?  Even if the funds were eventually forthcoming, the paper work alone would kill you.  Fuhgettaboudit!

So please, please: treat those antiquities with care and love.  There will be no rebuilding.  The costs and the mountains of forms to be completed for environmental and financial considerations will just not be worth it.  Above all, it is just so tacky to use forced labor in any endeavor.  Very politically incorrect.

Times change.  Protect what you have because there will be no replacement.


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