Al Jazeera English: Live Stream

If you have time and are interested in the unfolding events in Egypt, click on this link to view up-to-the-minute accounts.

The press is the press is the press, no matter where you are in the world.  Yesterday, even on the progressive Huffington Post website, amidst the chaos and tension in Egypt, Huffington had as their lead article (on the left hand side, the “opinion side”, an article titled “How the Huffington Post Works (In Case You Were Wondering)” by Jason Linkins.  Quite frankly, with the world waiting on tenterhooks yesterday for Mubarak to step aside and then being faced with his insistence that he will do no such thing, I bet most people couldn’t give a rat’s ass how the Huffington Post works.  Just the facts, ma’am.  When the press turns themselves into the major event of the day, they are way off course from their mission to inform.

Al Jazeera, like most other media networks, are egging on these events to explode, mainly to bolster their own exposure.  Current events have taken on the aura of the action-packed movie blockbuster.  Certainly, the riveting actions in Egypt deserve the same attention that our movie industry affords us.  Perhaps we are holding our breath waiting for that immediate gratification, Mubarak’s leave-taking versus a possible military crackdown, to occur.  Should either come to pass, this revolution and ensuing constitutional rebuilding are going to take years.  That said, there is also a good amount of information in this live stream.  Just be selective in listening, realize that the press has their own objectives and take from the broadcast the bits of information and on-scene analysis that are truly educational.

Once again, the link to Al Jazeera live stream in Egypt is:



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