The Rape of Lara Logan

Excuse me.  Despite my pledge to avoid serious issues this celebratory weekend, I must comment on the horrendous attack on Lara Logan and the equally disgusting reaction to that assault.

The beating and rape of Logan has NOTHING to do with her whiteness, her blonde mane, her career choice as a war journalist, her penchant to place herself in the line of fire, her past romantic history, or her unfortunate reality of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It has EVERYTHING to do with the cowardice of her attackers, bolstered by a situation where the basic structures of morality and civic control have diminished to the point of permitting mayhem to flourish.

Rape is an act of violence.  The perpetrators are weak individuals who, due to failures in their own lives, are forcing themselves on women to give themselves a false sense of success, power and control.  They are the lowest forms of life.  Their victims in no way should be attributed any blame, because this process actually offers solace and rationale to the rapists.  Is this simple enough to understand?  Is there any part of this sick, cowardly, chicken-shit behavior that you do not understand?

It also needs to be said that to condemn the entire male gender for rape is equally wrong.  Rape is not committed by all men; it is committed by a sick, weak minority.

So let Lara Logan be.  Many other horror stories from female journalists have surfaced since Logan made her’s public.  Because these victims are all in the public’s eye, being reporters, many of these accounts are de rigueur for recent editions of just about every media outlet, whether they be print, broadcast or Internet.  One would have to be dead and buried to assume that rape is a rarity and that it hits predominantly those females in journalism.

Just because rape is such a frequent crime all over the globe does not mean we should abide it.  Rapists should be treated with the full force of the world’s justice system.  That is, of course, assuming that a justice system actually exists to punish these crimes.  Until that happens, uniformly and globally, there is a tacit (if not vocal) approval for the rapes to continue.  As if the act of rape is not destructive enough, the common practice of assigning guilt to the victim and the general  acceptance, the dismissal, of this outrage is even more catastrophic than the initial act.



It has come to my attention through my readers on my DailyKOS site that Lara Logan was NOT raped based on the specific, medical definition of rape.  May I point out that whether she was raped, groped or otherwise sexually abused is the continuation of depraved thought about the acceptance and judgmental dismissalof the varying degrees of sexual assault.  The dictionary definition of “rape” is only one meaning; the extended sense of the word also includes meanings such as destruction, personal assault and individual attack.

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One Response to “The Rape of Lara Logan”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    YoMama says “It has EVERYTHING to do with the cowardice of her attackers, bolstered by a situation where the basic structures of morality and civic control have diminished to the point of permitting mayhem to flourish” and she also says that it does not matter if it is exact definition of rape or not. Lara Logan was violated!

    YoMama hit the nail on the head when she said mayhem. The human animal when it is has no structure, no discipline, no enforced regulation, when the institutional maintenance of order has crumbled one gets is naked aggression in the extreme because there is no one during institutional upheaval to legally put a stop to it.

    We can see this in every sphere of human endeavor whether it’s the anarchy of the deregulated market or the drug violence of the streets, the absence or unwillingness of authorities to punish criminal or civil misbehavior mayhem prospers and the weak get trampled sometimes to death.

    The goal with new revolutionary movements is to strike the fine balance between police/army brutality and the prescient use of power to maintain functional order. After the dizzying effects of revolution this is no easy task to do.

    There is a fact that absent the institutions of law and law’s order humans will resort to being what they truly are — NOT animals because animals do not usually destroy out of the ecstasy of the moment — but rather humans become the purveyors of mayhem and the unbridled behavior of wild non-consequential aggression when they are caught up in a political fury and its sometimes attendant revolutionary consequence. Whether it is during the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, our own Civil War or the revolutions emanating from the Middle East out-of-bounds behavior almost naturally occurs enveloping the guilty and the innocent alike.

    It is sad, indeed, that Lara Logan or ANYONE has to be in the middle of mayhem’s madness. Such is the risk of on site reporting of heightened emotional acts. Hopefully, as Yomama says, this is a distinct minority who perpetrate such inhumanity because it can happen anywhere and does so EVEN here!

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