Laughter: Soul Food

The world is rife with revolts against injustice, the price of oil has once again hit the $100 per barrel mark while the U.S. is as dependent on foreign oil as ever, and our own domestic narrative is looking pretty shaky, with labor pitched against the financial and ruling elite.

However, as I have said repeatedly, actual life experiences are funnier, more entertaining and definitely more ironic that any fiction could ever be.  Besides, laughter is good for the soul.  Here is some soul food for you.

All of a sudden in the smack of the distress and problems afflicting our world and nation, in “mittendrin” (the Yiddish vernacular for WTF), Senator Harry Reid said yesterday that prostitution in his home state of Nevada, should be made illegal.  Good idea, but wrong priority at the wrong time.  Then today, the other august senator from Nevada, John Ensign, chimed in and said that he thought prostitution should remain legal in that state because, true to the GOP dedication to local government versus federal control (oy, is this ever a convoluted belief), it is a local matter and should be locally legislated.   Ensign is laughing all the way to the whorehouse.  Perhaps this entire holiday week, which was awarded at full pay for President’s DAY celebrations to our Congresspeople, has afforded our lawmakers too much damn time on their hands.  Ya think?

Renewal is all around us.  Perhaps the only orderly process of renewal though, is that which is provided by Mother Nature, who is usually so predictable in her annual traditions.  Here in Virginia at the end of February, I am once again awakened by the singing of the birds and enjoy more daylight, both signs of impending Spring.  It is comforting to know that the natural order of things comes and goes despite whatever man has wrought (at least, so far):

Buds are a-bloomin'.

The daffies are doing their thing.


As sure as the seasons come and go, springtime means that baseball is back.  And who better than Yogi Berra to mark the annual renewal of America’s favorite pastime in his own inimitable fashion?  Throw in a little Ron Guidry and the combination becomes the ultimate welcome for a new baseball season.  Enjoy this food for the soul.


And humor in the form of a cautionary tale:














And finally, my moratorium on anything and everything Sarah Palin was up on February 22.  As excited as I was about this self-imposed silence coming to an end, I have actually enjoyed having her out of my life.  Therefore, the items I have collected and saved over the last month will just have to wait until the next time I feel the need for to avenge stupidity.  Right now, I am pretty happy, although I must admit I am tempted to post the scoop on our Sarah’s secret Facebook page.  Nah.  Nice is better.  It’ll keep.


Special thanks to Lonben for his contribution.





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