Yet Another Coward in the Middle East

Another tyrant in the Middle East is about to fall.  Muammar al-Gaddafi has vowed to die for Libya in Libya.  Calling on his henchman and toadies, Gaddafi has sworn that he and his supporters will die as martyrs before they ever leave or forfeit their country.

Ha!  Another coward of the Middle East speaks.  Sure, he is encouraging his supporters that Libya is worth dying for.  I will bet my bottom dollar that when the fall comes, there will be many pro- and anti-Gaddafi Libyans dead in the streets.  However, Gaddafi will not be one of them.  His fiery rhetoric is just enough to spur on his troops but in the end, not strong enough to have him risk his own life.  Trust me: Gaddafi will turn tail, with as much of his fortune as he can amass, and split from his beloved Libya.  To carry on the fight and risk death is only for his underlings, not for himself.

Bets, anyone?



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