The Palin Press Hiatus: Over and Done With

Sour Sunday.  So I thought, why not perk it up a bit and post about that all-American family, the Palins of Alaska, a dynasty now of the world?  Open throttle, fire on all cylinders, full speed ahead; I have a lot of time to make up for.

During my Palin hiatus, I collected a number of reports on the gems that came out of our Sarah’s mouth.  The majority were childish and laughable.  Her response to the massacre in Tucson was amateurish and her criticism of President Obama, which is the tactic she employs in response to any and all news events, was embarrassing.  Lincoln Mitchell wrote a superb article contrasting the rogue and the President.  I think this article has import mainly because an idiot like Palin could still claim the highest office in the land.  Vigilance, my friends, is always necessary in order to avoid the ever clear and present danger right under our noses.

Then we had the overthrow of Mubarak’s government in Egypt.  Once more, Palin addressed the issue with all the understanding and sensitivity of a rock.  Her take on the Egypt affair was that President Obama was responsible for the decades-long repression in Egypt.  Despite Mubarak’s corrupt reign of 30 years (28 years of which Barack Obama was not the President), during the recent coup not even the Egyptians knew for sure what was happening at any given moment.  However, Palin expected President Obama to be on top of things to the extent that the President should have been publicly narrating, blow-by-blow, each and every development in Egypt.  She has no sense of diplomatic tact and patience nor does she embody any appreciation for the delicate complications of international relations.

She knows only one method of action: hammer away, use the issue to create an even deeper divisiveness and then finally, use that media attention to benefit herself.  Perhaps the most telling example of her preposterous ambition and disregard for reality is her daughter, Bristol, who announced in February that she would like to be President, of the U.S.A. no less, some day.  Imagine: just by wishing something was true is sufficient in some people’s’ minds to make it so.  Aaah —- the effects of our campaign over the last thirty years to make self-esteem the bellwether ideology of our education system.  Whatever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic, not to mention science and history?  When conceit and aplomb replace ability and performance, we are in deep trouble.  Palin is the Queen Dunce spearheading a nation of all too willing, lazy dunces.  But hey —- at least we are happy and self-confident dunces.

This is the part of Palin’s empty platform that is the most offensive to me.  She elevated her own, uneducated self to be Presidential material and then passed on that fantasy to her child.  Self-esteem is wonderful, but if it is not backed up with real knowledge, it is all bravado.  And folks, we are talking about the Presidency of the United States here, not the requirements for a finalist on “Dancing With the Stars.”  Thanks to her publicity savvy mom, Bristol has no clue between her Barbie-and-Ken world and the world to which she aspires to rule someday.

Sarah Palin’s choice of words are routinely crass.  I want to say that she talks like a truck driver, but I do not want to insult truck drivers.  The phrases she uses are not regional idioms nor folksy dialects; they are examples of an idiot.  Haven’t we had enough dumbing-down in America?  Palin’s choice of words demonstrate a glorification of stupidity and her verbal outpourings can be read here and here.  National and global leadership is so much more than just wanting personal exaltation.  Does she really think that going to India, a trip she has scheduled for the near future to give a speech, will qualify her as an expert on that country?  She and her daughter have no clue as to the preparation that is necessary to rise to the heights of leadership and fulfill what the people need and want.  However, their bottom line is they want what they want.

My cousin, Roselie, had some comments of hers published in the Boston Globe today.  Read the letter and then tell me if the likes of Sarah Palin, at every turn she faces, does or does not elevate the most inane, trivial and divisive issues to her conception of leadership.  Then tell me if her interpretation of the important priorities is the correct course for our country to follow.

In closing, let me cite a brief comment from the Washington Post.  This reader, Edmund Conti from Raleigh, wrote in response to the prompt “the moment you knew you were in love”:

There she was next to Senator McCain —- sassy, brash, full of ideas.  That’s when I fell in love.  I turned to my wife and said, “I never really appreciated you before this.


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