The Insanity Will Pass; the Arts Will Endure

Martin Sheen must be in absolute Hell, mortified and embarrassed, over the shenanigans of his son, Charlie Sheen.  Something is seriously wrong with the younger Sheen.  Like wise for the rantings of Muammar Gaddafi.  To say the least, he is delusional, publicly stating that his people all adore him.  Why are these two unbalanced men getting so much press?  I guess the answer is self-evident: the media is informing the public of the truth, by allowing these men to shoot themselves in their own feet.

Quite honestly, on the program “Two and a Half Men”, the main character Charlie, played by Sheen, is just as depraved as the real Charlie is.  It is not a pretty sight to watch and I do believe that this series finally got big ratings because it was the only comedy on network TV, dominated by reality shows.  The real comedian on that show is Jon Cryer and the cat’s meow is the housekeeper, Conchata Ferrell.  Do you remember her as the owner of the pizza joint in “Mystic Pizza” so many years ago?

Glenn Beck is not too far behind Sheen and Gaddafi in terms of mental stability and intellectual acumen.  He has accused President Obama and the U.S. of pandering to radical Islam.  Has he no idea that the revolts throughout the Middle East are by Muslims seeking freedom and democracy?  Furthermore, a free Arab world is the best defense against religious extremism and terrorism.  If a society has their freedom, they are much less prone to support the fringe elements trying to wrest power.

I could cite many links on Sheen, Gaddafi and Beck, but you know where to find the info and quite frankly, I would be insulting you if I expected you to waste your time on such trash.  Instead, I am preparing a post on the arts in America, featuring two young, talented people we all know and love.  I am in the process of gathering information, so sit tight and I will post in a day or so.  I am swamped with tax preparation and plumbing upgrades, so I really look forward to writing on the arts.  Check back.  I will deliver.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to Martin Sheen.


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