Color War in Washington, D.C.

If you thought our international leaders and national politicians were corrupt and narcissistic, read about the Washington, D.C. government.  These local rapscallions will have you hyperventilating into a brown bag, which you may have already used to vomit into.  Mayoral candidate after mayor, each of them focuses on the self-serving actions of their predecessor, and then once winning the chance to step  into the mayoral office, repeats the same corrupt mistakes as the person he threw out of office.  Thus, the mayors and Council people of Washington, D.C. appear to spend most of their time and effort defending themselves and their involvement in  current scandals rather than turning their attention to actually running the city.

Grey is now fighting same war as did Fenty and Barry.  You do remember Marion “the-bitch-set-me-up” Barry?  Scandal after scandal, whether related to drugs, sex addiction, tax evasion, Barry spent a large part of his two (yup, after serving a jail sentence for drug charge the people of D.C. re-elected him) terms as mayor fighting to save himself, rather than the city.

Adrian Fenty held office from 2007 to 2011.  He had the aura of a young, techno-smart, urban upstart and echoed that same confidence and capability as did another up and coming politico, Barack Obama.  All that promise turned to dust after he took office.  Thus, in the 2010 mayoral elections, Vincent Gray defeated Fenty.  In the less-than-100 days since Gray has held office, he has committed the same corrupt and possibly illegal acts that Fenty had.  And the beat goes on.  From today’s Washington Post, here is a concise history of the shenanigans of D.C. government.

When constantly hit with the unending barrage of public corruption, the violation of the public trust and the illegal actions of our elected officials, I feel my only recourse is humor, which at least temporarily assuages my disgust.  If I cannot laugh about it, I just as well should lay down and die.  Thus, also in today’s WaPo, the lead editorial was about the deceitful transgressions of Gray’s infant tenure.  After reading the article, I nearly died of laughter: the major players are named Gray, Brown and Green.  I felt as if I had joined Dorothy over the rainbow in Oz.  The least we can say about Washington, D.C. government is that it has got to be the most rip-roaring ensemble of colorful rogues on the public payroll.  Color War anyone?


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  1. NatalieR Says:

    I am reading this blog with attachments slowly as i am reading about the Fed, the corruption of the futures speculation market…some say it’s good others blame it for everything….I am dizzy. Then as I began reading about the Fed and listening to Utube, what comes across the screen the pyramid on the back of a one dollar bill and a star of David colored into it. Then from there I went to the evil Rothchilds who controlled it all during the 18th century and their progeny forever and always according to this site. One world government says one — code for hate the Jew.

    Can I cry? Everything is too big for me, I cannot stomp on their antiSemitic faces if I wanted to and I do. If money is involved it seems corruption is everywhere. Was there EVER a time on planet earth that somebody somewhere was honest???? Let me know who and I’ll look him up on Wikipedia so I can stop crying!

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