Patch, Patch, Patch: False Pretenses From the Get-Go

Nothing rankles me more than people who are phonies.  In my aging years, I am repulsed and unforgiving by hypocrisy, regardless if it surfaces from an individual, corporation or a government.  Today’s practice of personal fulfillment at any cost, of keeping up appearances rather than instituting honest, substantive solutions, is exemplified by the “patch theory” of solving problems.  Entities making decisions are ruled by half-truths to foster their own welfare.  The least we can do is to be honest about it.

Look at former Senator Evan Bayh.  He declined another run for his Senate seat, citing that the esteemed chamber in which he and his father served, was no longer representative of the principles that it was supposed to embody.  Perhaps he would go back to teaching, a career choice which he had found much more idealistic and rewarding.  So here is an update on whom and what causes Bayh is working for today.  He has sold his high-and-mighty ideals straight down the river for personal gain.  The phony should have at least kept his hypocritical mouth shut when he quit the Senate.  Patch, patch, patch.

Second example of phonies morphing into actual liars and crooks: our members of Congress receive generous pension benefits, more often than not higher than those in lucrative private positions.  Our elected officials are calling for across the board cuts in retirement benefits for all public employees, holding that contracts made decades ago cannot be honored due to our economic troubles today.  Last time I checked, our members of Congress are public employees, paid with our tax dollars.  Am I missing something here?  Why haven’t they put their own ridiculous benefits up for grabs along with those of other civil servants?  How come the entitlements of our Congressmen are off-limits to those very cuts that everyone else in the public sector are subject?  And why are we not revolting against this greedy, hypocritical charade?  Patch, patch, patch.

Thirdly, even the new-fangled GOP majority in Congress, led by that real tough talking (but slack-assed doer) Boehner, is caving to their hypocrisy and patch theory.  Boehner swaggered into his leadership position promising a no-holds-barred attack on our runaway spending.  He was backed up by the newly elected freshman in the House who have vowed to keep their promises to their electorate and cut spending drastically in order to reduce our burgeoning deficit.  Now however, Boehner has succeeded in backing down from his initial bluster of spending cuts to get his Republican contingent to pass, so far, two votes for emergency spending in order to prevent a government shutdown.  The Tea Party members, those brash freshman, may not consent to any more future delaying tactics.  Not only has Boehner been untrue to his own promises, but he may have lost the support of a major segment of his own party.  Even though I am not in full agreement with the GOP’s severe budget cuts, I am entertained by their hypocrisy and phoniness in giving up so easily.  Patch, patch, patch.

Finally, the uselessness of the patch method in the establishment of major policies is now becoming quite evident in the folly of our erecting flawed nuclear power plants for the last 40 years all over the globe.  The potential cooling failure of the GE plants in Japan were known at the time of their installation.  Yet, assigning a higher priority to economic advantage over safety, Japan went with the flawed version.  Guess what is coming round now to kick us in our bone marrow and thyroid glands?  Their forty-year-old decision was the patch job of all time, thinking that despite the known safety dangers, this cheaper form of energy was worth the possible health and environmental risks.  Of course, that decision was made on a wing and a prayer and a huge dose of “let’s just keep our fingers crossed.”  It is one thing to be a phony and embrace hypocritical positions on politics; it is, however, quite another thing to apply such dishonest, greedy tactics to the ravishing, tens-of-thousands of years destruction that nuclear power can cause.  Patch, patch, patch.

As I age, I know two things for sure.  First, the only certainty is uncertainty.  It sounds trite, but it is true.  This enlightenment is not meant as an excuse for helplessness and hopelessness.  The pros and cons of a situation mush be carefully weighed.  However, without honesty and a concern for the greater good injected into that process, the whole exercise is contaminated.

Secondly, my tolerance for phony words and acts is absolutely zero.  When faced with such duplicitous behavior, I outright call it as I see it.  As a result, I am often lambasted for my rudeness.  Honey, rudeness doesn’t hold a candle to dishonesty and deceit.  To me, a phony is the lowest form of life.  Bayh, our Congressmen, Boehner and those nuclear plant decision makers should be publicly shunned for their own self-serving, hypocritical choices, all made supposedly for the good of the people.  What phonies.

Patch, patch, patch.


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