Moral Labrador Retrievers?

Having owned and loved three Labrador retrievers over the last 30 years, I can attest to the behavior of the Lab on the following video:

First of all, Labs are eating machines.  If given the opportunity, they will eat until they drop dead.  Secondly, Labs have very highly developed senses of guilt.  Mind you, they will still opt to go for the forbidden food, but they also will punish themselves for such outlawed behavior.  Their master’s punishment is moot compared to the dog’s own self-punitive actions.  Their honesty in admitting their crimes is clearly expressed by their body language, lack of eye contact and voluntary self-isolation.  However sorry these dogs are for their renegade actions, I know, I just can tell, that they still feel their actions were still SO WORTH IT.

Ya’ gotta love these conniving and repentant love sponges!!!!


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One Response to “Moral Labrador Retrievers?”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    TOO hard on the dogs…I thought the dog would BITE him and was hoping he would except the guy would probably have had the pup put down if he did. Poor pups. A dog’s first instinct always is survival. How do they know if their owner will not kick them out the next day. The guy probably likes dogs but sheesh, give the dogs a break. I like disciplining a pet BUT not OVER disciplining my goodness. Give the pup a break. Better still give him a treat.

    Next time the human should not be such a jerk and put the cat treats on the roof!

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