Libya: The Best Laid Plans

I just don’t get it.

President Obama has firmly stated that we cannot allow the violence by the Gaddafi regime against its own people.  Here’s my question: why can we permit Bahrain, with the help of their and our very good friends, the Saudis, to massacre their own people?  Likewise, why didn’t the brutal rapes and murders of women and children in Sudan impel the U.S. to take action there?  Could a large part of the explanation be that we are concerned with protecting lives only if their nations have something, like oil, that we want?

Why is our “selectivity” in which country we choose to attack so politically expedient?  I wasn’t born yesterday.  I realize that life is inconsistent.  I can appreciate the finer points of foreign policy and the attempt to balance world peace with economic and political goals.  However, the part of this that disturbs me is the cover-up of our real intentions, i.e. to oust the tyrant Gaddafi from office and keep the oil pipelines open.

And why does this bother me so much?  In terms of President Obama, I now have developed some doubt as to his intentions.  If he has announced the primary goal of our foray into Libya was for the protection of Libyans and not for the oil, I am now worrying that his other intentions are questionable too.  What are his real goals and how honest is he being with regard to them?  Skepticism can be contagious and contaminating.

Supposedly, this Libyan military action is to last just days, not any longer than that.  Let’s see what happens.  Also, the coalition forces are currently bombing various Libyan airfields in order to destroy Libya’s air military and thus, ensure a safe no-fly zone for the coalition to police.  President Obama has assured us that there will be no American “boots on the ground.”  However, what happens if, even when a secure no-fly zone is established, Gaddafi is still killing his own people?  Based on the stated purpose to stop the Libyans from murdering their own people, it seems apparent that escalation of military action could be in the cards.

The best laid plans ………..


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